Who said that you can’t dance to no music?

Who labeled you taboo?

Whose lens are you viewing YOU from?

That runner in you,

Who’s that runner running from?

Rumbling through the streets of rejection,

Ignoring a reflection that is true

Are you seeing yourself like they are,

Or can you see yourself as YOU?

I want to dance in the street to music,

Downtown around people like me.

I want to beat drums from foreign lands,

Open up and tap into those healthy and natural inhibitions.

One thing we ought not do

Is make being human so taboo.

I can

Feel a rhythm in my spirit

I can hear joy,

Even if you can’t hear it.


Makes me

Wanna move and feel

My pulse become electric

And if they look and laugh,

Because to them the atmosphere is silent,

That is not restricting me,

Some guidelines of society are a bit much

Maybe I am not too normal,


More like a spontaneous utterance of freedom

Much like scribbling beyond the margins of notebook paper.

I cannot keep defining myself based on the reflections

And perceptions of others.

It creates too much of an internal struggle.

No more fantasizing happiness.

I have it and can keep it.


That is wealth.

That is success.

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