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It gets a bit tiring,

Being led by your inner voice.

It feels a bit lonely,

Realizing that you must stand alone

Feeling like that one sheep who went astray,

But even after being encouraged to return and complying,

There is something different inside.

Looking in the sky

Wondering why

God didn’t allow you to succeed

In being lost forever.

You feel those feelings, those feelings are valid.

You cry, you feel unheard,

You feel alone,


How dare I question God?

Obviously, my old methods didn’t quite cut it.

And so:

If I am the lost sheep who listened

And decided to return,

If I am a different shade than those around me,

If my wool is matted, quite patchy, quite undesirable,

And I don’t fit the mold which serves profitable

To internal voids,

It is then that I can stop questioning my worth, my value, and my existence

I must affirm.

Emerging and ripping through,

I am shedding outer layers of skin,

The first layer self-sabotage, the second layer comfort.

Damn. Thanks, voice within.

Baa Baa EBON Sheep

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