An ode to motherhood

Becoming a mother at a young age –

Challenging, yes.

Lack of sleep, mapping out my goals to coincide with the tasks ahead – which I had no idea what it meant other than

“I’m going to have a cute little baby. And then I’ll graduate high school.”

There are tips and tricks and hacks and advice and recommendations across the board

Generations of “don’t do this”


“You better do that”

None of it could have prepared me.

Now – there were times when I didn’t think I was good enough,

Making a way out of no way, pursuing careers, getting an education,

Breaking down thinking I should do more – not realizing that I was already a hero of sorts.

I keep my shortcomings real and through growth and transparency- you all, my three

Will continue to be proud of me. Never again will my own personal struggles stand in the way or potentially jeopardize your futures.

For a leader is not the one who is or seeks to be perfect.

In her actions, in her mistakes, in her lessons learned –

That my sons, my daughter, is how I lead my home.

Love truth respect

I am a safe place

You’ll never forget.

I said it before and I’ll say it again,

My transparency is clear to prevent you from having to heal from me.

An ode to motherhood.

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