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Daily writing prompt
How do you express your gratitude?

I am almost in awe that this is the prompt today, as I literally just added a page about gratitude onto my blog. Gratitude starts with appreciation for the everyday aspects of life, I believe. I have to be mindful and remind myself of the beauty that still exists in this world, which can be a challenge in environments in which I feel “less than” or unheard. Reflecting on how I can grow and improve and progress can potentially cancel out gratitude for where I am now if I am unable to balance things and cope effectively.

But many things I am grateful for. I have come a long way in my healing journey and as a mother. But I know that I am far from finished. As I face daily obstacles whether mental health related or planning and preparing my children (now 17, 12, and 16 months old!) to thrive in society, I have to maintain gratitude.

I would also like to share that page with participants of this prompt. It’s divine timing that I came to the WordPress homepage to see this prompt. It has to be.

Maintaining gratitude is a sure way to keep me stepping towards inner peace. I have included a link to a pivotal post on my blog about that journey.

Read inner peace poem here: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/19/journey-to-inner-peace/

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