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Beware of the media, no not the paparazzi cuz most of us are nobody’s

But wait, I am somebody.

Beware of the media – social media – particularly if your social skills suck.

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Famished meets

thirst meets traps meets

greed meets


to validate me


distraction meets

always impacting

my mental wellbeing

meets liars

meets showing face

meets don’t call or text me in real life

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meets where is my family meets

Where is my place?

meets friend meets foe meets

Look where we happened to go


meets good eats I baked a pretty cake meets

many more likes during misery meets

fuck your sweets meets

fake and false identity meets

do not challenge me meets I’m healing

meets wait: who are you really?

meets your face is not yours


I won’t tolerate one more fantasy!

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meets keep it real but not too much

meets regurgitated agitated

meets virtual touch meets

envy meets lust meets

longing to rip apart my skin meets

I’m healthy and I’m happy! Friend?

where’d you go? Look, I’m finally happy!

meets damn. meets

who are you within? meets

I can’t afford to spiral again

meets pretenders

meets friend requests

meets it is not weird to interact meets

don’t ever call or text me in real life


they don’t know me in real life meets…



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Thank you for viewing. I quite often have to hit several “reset” buttons, but social media has been a steady challenge for me. I have deleted so many accounts over the years, but today I am satisfied with a temporary deactivation of a couple of platforms. If you would like to, let’s comment and chat about social media experiences and preferences, or share this poem if you enjoyed reading it.

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Share your thoughts. Don't be shy! But be do be Kind!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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