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Rummaging Through More Old Writing

 I write poetry.

There are many things I could do in my spare time,

But I write poetry.

There are many things I could splurge on, I could spend recklessly 

But the only investment that fills these internal voids

Is writing poetry.

No matter what job title I have ever held no matter what diagnosis was listed, 

No matter the degree obtained or meekly sought after,

No matter how eloquent how well stated no matter the rhymes of time or how the form of life presents, 

No matter how centered nature walks make me,

After prayer and failed attempts to meditate,

After opening my heart to God, wishing I could negotiate

Realizing that I am not in control here: 

What I can control is that I write poetry.

I can hope and pray for the “big break” someday, but whether that comes or not, I’ll still write poetry.

And maybe one day they laugh, and they’ll say: “Remember that wild crazy chick? Man, she sure could write poetry.”

Who Labeled You Taboo?

The day I wrote “Who Labeled You Taboo,” I had just recorded a video and posted it onto TikTok. I have become quite fond of that app I once rolled my eyes at. It was a dancing video to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody,” but the twist of this video was me glamorizing that I was dancing alone in the spirit of self-love. You know that moment of realization the very things that make you who you are aren’t so taboo or odd? Wow. I am 35 years old, and I am just now learning to fully love myself. I am alright with me.

Take a look at this old post. It has depths of meaning to me.

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