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Daily writing prompt
Are there things you try to practice daily to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Every day I must make a series of choices to aid my wellness. I’ve come a long way as I no longer view healing in any other way but a gateway to my inner peace. As a woman who consistently struggled with healthy boundaries, my conscious choices look a little like this:

  • prayer and meditation
  • affirmations to uplift myself so that I may uplift my children
  • therapy; weekly for now until I am ready to spread the appointments out. This is soon to happen, which is progress in itself!
  • I no longer deny the fact that I must take my medications daily. In fact, I now see and accept their benefits in helping me to manage my mental well-being.
  • I no longer participate in conversations or maintain interactions that leave me disturbed or uncomfortable, as I did this for others for quite some time. I no longer do things that go against who I am in my core.
  • I prioritize my self-care and try my best to recognize any situations or environments that lead to me not doing just that.
  • If we are talking about sustainable living through finances, well I am actually doing better there, too. I am embracing financial literacy, which is a subject for a different post! Budgeting is not easy, but I am seeing the benefits of making smarter purchases for my household.

Spoken Word Video – “Unavailable”

If it’s okay, I would like to share this short video that I made. It reiterates my need to not be “readily available” (specifically when I don’t have the capacity to be).

There’s More!

I take in the lessons that life has taught me with gratitude. When I have a hard day, a hard week, or even a difficult month, I allow it to teach me. It’s not always fun. But it’s a must. For a while, years even, I dodged taking accountability for my role in my past. I consistently choose to heal from trauma so that I can reach my very reasonable, but fairly simple goals for myself and my children:

  • I will live and lead by example
  • I will remain honest with myself and my kids about my journey
  • I will always be a safe place for them to express themselves
  • I will show what good comes of consistency and integrity
  • I want to teach them that even though their mom tried to give up in the past, this life is actually one worth living.

This prompt also makes me want to share a recent poem that I wrote, “Seeds of Nirvana – Marvelous Life.”

You can open it in a new tab with this link: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/23/nirvana/

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