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Marvelous Life

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

I smile 

because I have a new outlook on life

that I need not be punished for.

I only long to explore 

the better sides of life


sampling success 


savoring stress

provides abysmal views of this

potentially marvelous life.

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I’ve got a smile on my face


joy in my heart.

Collecting tools so as not to let anyone taint 

my aspirations. I’ve got

imaginary beats in my mind but

that’s okay 


it’s mine.

I carry life lessons with me no longer like a burden,

but in order to keep the drums of hope 

beating in the hearts of my children.

Their light need not be dimmed 

by your

(or my)



Let us not rob kids of joy,

but arm them with seeds of nirvana

and a swig or several of mindfulness.

I only long to explore 

the better sides of life


glimpses of wellness 


comfort in stress

only provided me with abysmal views of this

marvelous life.

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