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The Shift

Some situations and interactions

Give me a jolt of Deja Vu

All too familiar feelings 

And what seem to be cyclones of chaos

That I no longer wish to be lost in.

In the eye of the storm I can 

Take a breath and in that moment,

That brief glimmer of what seems like 

A taste of clarity,

I must make a series of choices.

Please view this spoken word video that I created entitled “Capture Me.”

“Capture Me”

I started speaking life into myself and uplifting myself.

At first I thought it would be perceived as arrogance. It may likely always be misunderstood because I am still not as confident as I wish to be, oftentimes doubting my own words as I expel them. But affirmations and public declarations of self love shouldn’t bother people and if they do, those are not your people.

Confidence? Untrusting of her own ambitions and wavering in her boundaries and image?

If you don’t know who you are you’re likely to be who anyone wants you to be. Such was my life for decades. Such is the need for me to keep learning and loving myself.

The shift that results from bounds of growth means a lot, but I need that infinite internal shift.

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The selections shared above were initially posted in March of this year. All key breadcrumbs to finding peace along my journey. Leading to a series of more posts:

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