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I don’t quite know where this path will take me

But I’m enjoying the flow towards the horizon.

I bet the birds are in tune with God

There’s a foggy interference – But I am

Going with the flow of my intuition now

Gliding as the giddy little girl I used to be

I laugh when I feel awkward – I wish I could see what’s up ahead.





Endless journeys are often avoided

I long to follow the birds 

As they sing exclamations of gratitude

Now I’m ready 

I’ll stay steady

Releasing woes regrets tendencies to deflect fear of success comfort in stress

Trust – Faith – Serenity – 

Awaiting me


Inner Peace

The . Horizon

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3 responses to “What Awaits Up Yonder?”

  1. Jusjess, such a beautifully written and touching poem. Thank you so much for joining my weekly prompt. 💖

    1. Thank you so much! And I absolutely intend on being a part of promptly more often. I have found so many talented people and you all are inspiring!!!

      1. The pleasure is all mine, Jusjess.

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