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Whether feasting on lobster or seeing the sky ablaze or watching as mile high waves


The prayer remains the same.



Devastation of humanity


Similar setting

Same feeling

Same message

I think overthinking doesn’t help me much 

I think overthinking had me paranoid much

I think that if I continue to think too deeply

Then again the concept will be almost within my grasp

Then I’ll blink to wake up and start my day.

Healing Through Blogging

There are many things that I know nothing about, but what I have come to learn is how intense healing is. It’s as if this task this gift this purpose was given to me by God because I would need to overcome things in order to read my destiny. Jusjess Poetry will be around for a long time, and even if I don’t secure those once more appealing fantasies of securing a traditional publishing deal, I will stay the course. I will keep writing.

Open this poem in new tab here: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/24/liberation/

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