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Message Delivered.

F**k. Can’t unsend.

It’s been viewed, maybe I can still delete it.

Post. Delete. 

This image link will take you to “Silly Rabbit, Your Boundaries are Shit.”

Stupid social media measuring my worth again.

Recreate. Edit. Post. 

Ah, there we go. 

Likes, laughs and little hearts.

Good, that wasn’t too deep to post there. 

Spoken words cannot be retracted.

Is it true?

Are words spells?

Can we speak our destinies into existence?

For 21 days I been praying



Repeating affirmations.

I been watching sermons 

This link will take you to “Dumb Girl, You Gotta Elevate.”

And listening to Oprah’s motivational speeches

On Youtube. 

I been intentional about this.

A lady walked up to my car in a parking lot

Check out “Where’s my seat? I RSVP’d” here

And after a brief conversation she asked:

“Is there anything I can pray for, for you?”

I looked at her, stunned, but in actuality I couldn’t pick a thing

Because so many things were racing through my mind.

I smiled at her,

“Wow. Um. Yes. Peace.”

4 responses to “54 Miles til Empty – It’s High Time I Elevate”

  1. God helps those who help themselves and others. 💕✨

    1. I receive that wholeheartedly! Thank you !!

      1. Thank you too. ✨

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