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They say you gotta elevate

You gotta do it now 

And do it well.

Who said that?

I crack under pressure.

The pressures of myself.

You have no more time to wait you must navigate –

To where?

I rushed to end up nowhere. Impulsivity.

I rushed just to get back there –

I rushed back into the questioning of me. I rushed into loss of my identity.

I rushed every facet of my decision-making process,

I rushed my way right back into trauma. To find myself in another phase of reflective outbursts – but girl, you’re too grown to blame daddy and mama.

I was waiting for something, impatiently.

I am waiting for something. Peace within me.

Because what is comradery without a gold medal – over compensating for the years I spent dancing with the devil.

I rushed my way right back into that space in my mind, longing to rip off my skin but skin means nothing what matters are the contents within. Damn, I am right back here again.

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4 responses to “Dumb Girl, You Gotta Elevate”

  1. You write beautifully 👏👏

    1. Thank you so very much!

      1. You’re welcome

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