Jusjess Poetry


Significant strangers tied together by a tree. 

What is the root that connects me to you and you to me?

I gotta take what I feel, and put it in writing

Because surely those first two lines come off disrespectful,

I must hold myself accountable and not be neglectful. 

After I talk to God, I feel free.

Free to voice myself more effectively.

But I’d be a liar if I said that  those thoughts and questions didn’t keep resurfacing.

I learned some pretty deep things recently, that added to a plethora of secrets

It made my mind explode a bit,

And then it enhanced my understanding.

Some things are better left unsaid, which is why things get swept under rugs. The skeletons in the closet are no longer decaying carcasses being eaten away by bugs…

But now they are 

Silenced spirits once bound by fear.

Emotions aren’t weakness, is it weak only when the unpleasant ones I am displaying?

What is the underlying message in the guidance that we are portraying? 

Breaking free from the things that many won’t know of

While removing accusations cuz 

I am trying to rise above

All of the things I once allowed to hinder me

Render me 


Render me 


Render me


Render me 


But you won’t be able to render me

Unhealed, stuck, trapped in my mind

Seeking approval until the day that I die.

It’s admirable to go against the grain 

And when I was a child I knew that writing would save my life.

Surely didn’t anticipate the consequences that would await 

Surely I didn’t know my fate.

I know that it sounds taboo,

It may even feel taboo,


Many of us are embracing different methods,

And we fully appreciate and value all that those before us fought for and endured. 

Gratitude because without you, we wouldn’t have access to the tools. 

All I am saying is I’m holding on by the grace of God and by the very letters that form these lines of poetry

That simply display my soul.

One response to “Bound”

  1. I do hope that the references used in this piece are interpreted metaphorically within the concepts of family.


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