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Keeping it real while healing. And writing poetry.

  1. Material Possessions 
  2. Friendships 
  3. Ideas and aspirations
  4. My last relationship
  5. Social media accounts 
  6. Comparison

I take in the lessons from these 6 things listed, knowing that I don’t need to be specific or go into depths of explanation. Admittedly these things present themselves problematically quite often for me. In various forms, of course.

I release the blaming of people, places, and things for any of my actions or mistakes that I have made.

Let me take a second to free write a poem dedicated to this moment:

Can’t afford to attempt buying love, I’ve tried

tried to hide from myself and truth

truthfully each step is a form of self reflection

reflecting on the the things I learned

learning self is intense and scary

scared to face reality

reality sucks when you choose to face it

it shows you what you don’t want to see

seeing myself miserable

misery looks shitty on me.

Value me who didn’t value herself?

Sit that sad book back on the shelf.

Write a new one.

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I have entered a mode of hibernated focus. I will certainly be blogging and interacting with fellow bloggers. As I patiently piece together my next publication, I see how far I’ve come. No more comparing my value or the importance of my journey. And I am starting an intense self care mode. Starting with that list I just shared. My last poetry collection, “The Girl is Awake,” needed to happen, and I believe that it had a large part in helping me to realize how much I want to live. And how much I want and need to keep writing.

It is available in Kindle and hard copy formats.

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