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My body shakes

as I try to measure the temperature 

of the heat of something.

close up shot of a thermometer
Photo by Jessica Lewis Creative on Pexels.com

I keep trying to stop chasing the vision

throw in the towel flirting with defeat

but I no longer can. It conflicts with me.

But I no longer understand the capacity of

exactly what that is.

I have never understood the depths 

of the concepts of elevation, what to do or who to reach out to in order to fulfill this burning fire. Other people may not feel my fire. Then I shut down.

woman face behind wax candle
Photo by Acan The Best on Pexels.com

The path seemed so clear but became foggy and confusing

as I frequently tried to manipulate a vision 

placed upon my heart.

Inspiration can’t come from a selfish space,

lashing out opening old wounds flirting with old patterns of a victim-mind. 

I will do what I set out to do

And with God and consistency I will write my way into my destiny. 

It’s just not as up to me as I thought.  There is a reason why each of my attempts to leave this earth did not succeed.

I came across this statue last year while strolling with my little baby in Cary, North Carolina. This statue spoke to my spirit instantly. If I can remember correctly, the caption on this statue references teaching students and how that can only take place when the student is really ready to learn. I remember feeling incredibly inspired. I just need patience. Thank you for viewing!

I want to share a link to “Have They Heard Me,” another recent blog post. You may view it here:

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