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Please enjoy this poem and the video edit that accompanies it. Content on my blog is not recommended for minors. Throughout this post, you will find additional selections to read! May they resonate with you or at least serve as a little entertainment.

Potential & a Past
Penetration & a Promise
Pillow talk

Singing familiar songs
Off key, but professing a history of musical training

The cluster B

Read me
Tell me a story,
But today, add a little more spice.


Discovering that fairy tales give false hope
To lost little girls.
Oh, fuck.
Wait, you want to do what?

Umm, okay.
Take me away.

Soaring high across the sky
I’m a bird I’m a butterfly.
Damn it. I’m a moth
I’m a maggot I’m a
For fantasy.
Sure, go ahead.
Lie to me some more.

Do you remember which part you stopped at last time?

Yeah, that part. It was getting good.

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