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**Please note: the contents of my works are not for minors. Please note that there may be content and topics that would require a form of a trigger warning.**

**Trigger Warning**

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“Indescribable” Poem – VIDEO

Welcome to my safe space to use my voice through writing. If you are here, you are loved and worthy. Here I will share my works and upcoming publications. Here I am but a voice, a mother, a human, striving to be great.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Don’t be afraid to use your voice. Speak, sis. Speak.

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Jusjess Poetry

The source of the voice:

Veteran, mother of 3, former educator, poet and nonfiction author.

Current education level: BA in English

Grad Student pursuing further education and mastery in elements of poetry, creative writing, and psychology.

Quick note

Anyone who knows me knows that writing is my first love. Of all of the hats I have worn, writing serves as the ultimate gateway to my wellbeing.

I spent time in the U.S. Navy, served in Japan and in San Diego.

I spent some time as an educator in Washington state, working with K-4 in the Learning Assistance Program and also working in the Resource Room with special needs students.

I enjoy sharing my poetry via social media however it is time that I go beyond those platforms. I aspire to continue with spoken word performances and to publish works again.

This site isn’t for everyone, and that is okay. We live in an extremely judgmental society, and oftentimes one simply desires to be heard. I welcome positive vibes only as I continue with the purpose I felt as early as the 5th grade. I will speak freely, truthfully, and oftentimes very raw and rugged in my works.

Join me on my journey those who are good hearted human beings. I feel that we all have reached the point in 2022 where we would simply like to live our lives happily as much as we possibly can.

What will you find on the Jusjess Poetry blog?

Poetry, reflective non-fiction, interactive links to poems in which you can like, comment on, and share.

Soon: information about future publications, poetry performance events, and Jusjess Poetry writing materials.

Please feel free to reach out with performance and/or collaboration opportunities, no matter where you are located!

Email: speak2jess@jusjesspoetry.org

Call: 910-727-1950

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What Do I Want Her to Know?

As featured in Urban Magazine June 2022 edition

Welcome to the world, I tell my newborn  daughter,

That can be full of what you make it,

That can hurt, but you can take it.

Where you must be strong, even if you have to fake it.

A world full of undiscovered landscapes,

The world has opened up for you, young queen. 

We all can don capes cover up scrapes and even have them removed,

The path of your life will be up to you. 

There is black and white, and an in between. 

But over that hill you may see some troubling things, my baby,

Everyone won’t advocate for your needs 

or pat your back for every good deed

There are snakes and vultures and ways to escape reality 

There are things sent to test your purpose and mentality 

Some things feel good for a few moments 

That lead to harsh consequences but you’ll have to own it

Your fiery nature will pay off but there must be a balance. 

No good are sugar-laced fantasies

And lack of self awareness rolled up with superficial vanities 

Manifest what you believe in your heart 

Don’t dim your light, 

girl don’t lose that spark 

Your worth far exceeds what your physicality has to offer 

Debating your worth and altering it in order to get to an alter

Fitting into a box 

And allowing others to get into yours

Changing your image 

To fit into doors

See I started this moment prepared to sell you a fairy tale

But that’s the issue with society 

And why some never prevail 

Strap up your boots, my baby for it is a life worth living 

But it won’t be easy 

Nor forgiving


Fairy Tale

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Who should catch me if I fall?

For I am awake from a deep slumber

Happily ever, what? Hmm I wonder.

Disney movies.

I watched so many as a child,

Did I want to be a prince or princess?

Looking back, that was wild.

Because Cinderella finally got her moment

She overcame, achieved her greatness

She won,

She owned it.

When love led Jasmine to go against the norm of societal classes

And endure the scrutiny after upsetting regal masses,

When Ariel got a taste of a better aspect of life

No longer submerged in her close minded world,

Do you know the power these messages have 

To a confused little girl?

When true love and hard work led Tiana 

To victory in achieving her new orlean dreams

When Belle loved a beast

When the world saw that the story of Pocahontas’s people goes deeper than a feast,

Sometimes we get caught up in fairy tale fantasy

Like when dissociative moments lead to a split 

When you snap back into your life and think

“This isn’t it”

For every scholar knows the significance of a hero’s journey

To return to what once was 

But in an evolved state

For life has beaten the hero

But also given the hero a clean slate

Let’s not bash one another’s coping mechanisms 

With dressed up and eloquent innuendos

Let’s be real, life is fucking hard

But that’s okay take that pen and narrate your own story

 I mean here’s the stage, here’s your moment. Let’s go. 

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She said,

“Dig a little deeper, love a little harder, fight a bit more,

Make.. love to me.

Make love so passionate that it makes me love me,

Can you value me?

Maybe I should seek that internal validation that so many speak of 

Maybe sex isn’t the only gateway

Cuz maybe 

You gotta show me 

Somewhere deep inside I know that you want to love me.. 

make.. love…

Make love the reason you step into a greater you,

Make love guide you to higher ground

Make love overshadow your flaws my flaws 

Make me make you make love make joy make peace make growth make spiritual connectivity make trust make love make love make love to me love you love them love they love we love we can make love.”

Life ain’t as sweet as this villanelle

*Trigger warning Looking back at the stuff I bought Some things with purpose some things just for fun Life ain’t as sweet as little me thought Silly, sassy, stubborn but I took in school lessons taught  Accomplishments made me feel like someone Notoriety and applause stopped, leaving me distraught I am not the shape shifting…

Faith without Works 2012 vs 2022 – Post 1

I often reflect on the growth displayed in my works. I must also remind myself of why I do what I do. Writing keeps me alive. But I must continue to work towards not only my wellness, but all things that enable me to thrive. I am sharing here a sample of my self published…

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