Welcome to my personal blog of poetry and prose. I offer trigger warnings, but no more apologies for being my authentic self.

Exciting updates for this site!

A page for digital downloads of poetry and prose has now been added and will be fully running with many downloadable materials by mid-June!

My goal is to interact and build readership in preparation for my next publication. This literary world is immense, and I would like to add my own little semi-colon to it.

Jusjess Poetry

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Mother of 3 – Poet – Veteran – Former Educator – Human

Below is a link to my most recent self-published poetry collection.

Since age 11 I knew that my purpose was to write, but the one daunting task that comes along with this lifestyle is getting yourself out there and allowing my voice to be heard. My goal is to build readership as well as network and interact with other talented poets and writers. Much of my poetry and prose represent stages in my life of uncomfortable growth. As I continue to dive deep into my writing endeavors I plan to continue sharing pieces that are captivating, occasionally peculiar, and hopefully inspirational.

I am on a mission, and at times it may appear odd, but I am too far to turn back. Healing is never the most fun thing to get through. But my God is it worth it. Now I will write my way into my destiny.

**Please note: the contents of my works are not for minors. Please note that there may be content and topics that would require a form of a trigger warning.**

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The sharing of content on this blog is encouraged and much appreciated. Lead with love.

What will you find on the Jusjess Poetry blog?

Originally written and created poetry, reflective prose, excerpts, and videos.

I have just added a page for digital downloads of my poetry and prose, and it will be up and fully running by mid-June.

Email: speak2jess@jusjesspoetry.org

Call: 919-727-1950

Quick View of 3 Most Recent Blog Posts:

Poem “Resolution” – and an update of sorts

I affirm that I am on the path to reach my goals. My goals as a writer couldn’t be obtained until I obtained stability. I have shared a ton of personal things about my life here on this blog, and if you’ve been following then you may have seen not only an improvement in my…

Round of applause for healing? Girl, bye.

My concept of love has always been distorted. Correction: my concepts of love used to be pretty inaccurate. Parts of my growth mean a change in my perception.  Sometimes good people cross paths at a time when they should be focused on healing but they – we… we tend to choose to hold on rather…

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