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Who is Jess?

Jessica Fuller is a North Carolina native. She is a mother, an educator, a writer of poetry and nonfiction, and a lifelong student. She is the source behind the blog Jusjess Poetry. After her time in the military, she embarked on intense healing journeys, which she highlights in her poetry in an effort to normalize the hard parts of personal growth. Her quirky niche across social media platforms and the raw tone of her blog writings reiterate the depths, the beauty, and the healing power of writing vulnerably. Living by the notion that “Writing keeps me alive,” she aims to be an example of resilience and free expression while building an invaluable legacy for her children.

Chapbook Updates:

A Different Kind of Rising: Freedom in Healing and Self-Discovery consists of 30 poems that are meaningful beyond measure. I will open sales for my chapbook within the next two weeks. This book will be available to purchase:

Each avenue will result in the physical book being shipped to you. I will include personal, written touches to each copy ordered from my blog. Stay tuned for more images and posts of the physical book in my hands!

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***All works on this blog address mature topics which may include trauma. Content here and on Jusjess Poetry social media accounts is not recommended for minors. ***

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