Sharing a brief walk down memory lane in a poem, a few pictures, and a spoken word video


Maybe my lack of satisfaction has nothing to do with a diagnosis

Because maybe, possibly, it could be true

That there’s just something greater that I’m meant to do.

Twirling and attempting to manipulate mood rings as a child,

Never backing down from a fight,

Learning that women can have autonomy even if the head of their household doesn’t belief in such things –

That a woman can be her own head of household instead of clipping her wings –

Some limitations we place on ourselves,

Dust collecting on passions 

That will only become trophies if we make it so

Some things we must do ourselves.

I want to share some pictures and videos that speak louder than the lines shared above do. Thank you for viewing.

I attended this college in undergrad before choosing to go off into the military. My days as a student here were so meaningful that I returned as an adult before I began giving in to my nomad tendencies (again).
I visited the University of North Carolina School of the Arts many times to accompany my late paternal grandfather to complete tasks at his job on this campus.
I entitled this spoken word video “Freedom”

Easter inspired piece – Please enjoy.

Press play on the video below.

Easter inspired piece with a heavy emphasis on gratitude and healing.

This morning I woke up a bit out of sorts and a little trapped in my head, which is a frequent occurrence for me. A combination of sunlight, coping skills, a church sermon, nature, and of course my purpose as a mother and my gratitude for life inspired this piece.

Thank you for viewing.

How the first week of National Poetry Month went – Enjoy this selection of poems!

Here I have some pieces that I created to kick off National Poetry month. Some of these poems were inspired by prompts created by well known poets and poetry organizations from Instagram in which I will ensure to give credit to and mention upon their permission and discretion. I will also return to this blog post to update any information as needed.

This post serves not only to keep poetry inspiration thriving but as a reminder to myself of why I am still on my current path.

“All my life I had to write…”

Quite a few of these I have yet to title. Enjoy, and as always, thank you for viewing.

“A North Carolina Spring – in 2023”

(Video below, before poem)

Video for “A North Carolina Spring – in 2023”

Me and my friends,

I see we been through enough fire.

We rewriting stories

Full of intention and desire.

This world is full of f****d up people.

But – if you look hard enough,

Perhaps give a squinter or two,

If you pay attention to the inner,

Perhaps even the little you,

When you stomach a few minutes of the news,

A lot of scary sh*t is happening.

But – when you take a walk on a sunny day

Just before high temps hit

In the very indecisive weather of a North Carolina spring,

And you catch a nice gust of wind

On a deep inhale,

Taking a moment

With absolutely nowhere to rush off to,

No busy agenda, no deadline,

No expectation to meet,

No woes to cast,

No ex to ruminate about…


No validation seeking,

Cuz didn’t they see that post I made? Why didn’t anyone like it? How many views do I have on that?


This world is full of people.

A lot is happening.

The pace is fast.

Me and my friends,

I see we been through enough fire

To blossom into a phoenix,

Rebirth of perspective.

We wear 2023 with tension, disappointment, and uncertainty.

We have been tired for years, some for decades, seeing the pursuit no longer include happiness.

We want life.

Do we want life?

May we stop passing down


Whether it’s fear of success

Or a phobia of bees,

May we stop passing down

Negative responses to uncertainty.

Me and my friends,

I see we been through enough fire

To fill our steps with faith in God,

Knowing we don’t have to be perfect at this,

Knowing that at times it looks a little odd.

Gotta stop passing down inconsistency and self doubt,

Me and my friends,

I think we figured it out.

Me and my friends,

I see we been through enough fire,

We gunna enjoy the journey

And you can come along and vibe too,

We tend to forget that happiness is first internal.

Happiness begins with you.

This is…

This is the part when I enjoy my life,

It seems as if a coin was flipped.

This is the part when I take over the script.

The moment that my narrative is not 

In the hands of anyone else,

Not filled with proclamations 

To narcissism,

No longer defined by any

Definition synonymous 

To unwell. 

No longer bound to my bullsh*t

Cuz ya know, enough is enough.

This is.. well it WAS kinda tough. 

This is the part where the dust has settled 

And it’ll only blind me again 

If I allow it to.

The part where my happiness is 

Depicted by me,

No longer depreciated by any form of “you’s”

The part where I blossom again

The part where I fill joy being 

Within my skin. 

This is….

Visual/audio of “This is..” below

“This is..”
***audio recording & visual effects made using the app CapCut

Constant ♾️

Consistent as the sky is a permanent hue,

Constantly searching for something to do.

Consistent in spontaneity,

Constantly seeking metamorphosis,

Consistent in confusion,

Constantly seeking bliss.

Consistent in twiddling thumbs,

Constantly on the run,

Consistent in switching roles,

Constantly rotating short-lived titles, that was fun.

Consistent candid critiques of self,

Constantly chipping away ‘til nothing is left.

Constant need to replenish.



Always an attention seeker,

Always a gambler, a risk taker,

It took more of a 

Subtle scenario of self-assured serenity

Savagely seeking sympathy

Yet expecting satirical smirks

She could only erupt from her corrupt mindset

After ambiguity became matter of fact that: 

She was falling apart.

She could only reach for the sun

Alone for

She, too, depleted everyone,

Tip-toeing through troubling terrain

Her narrative doesn’t read clear!

What was fact and what was fiction?

Metaphorical benedictions

Such a stubborn sassy and suspicious being,

She had simply had enough.


If you stare in the mirror too long, does your reflection seem to change?

Your mirror, my mirror
No filter.
The imperfections are pretty clear.

Tell me, what reflections do you pick up and carry home with you?

Reflecting fragments of self,
Glimmers of others,
Carrying their shit, your shit,
The world’s shit on your face.

If you stay too entranced in the reflection of someone else,
Yours may not look too good to you.

Sometimes we wanna
Switch mirrors
Even if only for a second.

We try to transfer this and transfer that,

I’m perfect.

Shape shifting to meet
The demands of others,
You sit home alone long enough
You’ll see a blemish form.
Maybe a spot here,
A pimple there,
A very shiny gray hair.
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who the fuck is this
Staring back at me?

She’s –
Very pretty.

Clean the glass,
Wipe that mirror,

Shower runs,
Don’t worry the condensation will evaporate.

Put on that face.
Which face?
The one that they like?
Nah – just take a second,
And look up.

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