Factory Reset

Do you have any collections?

Photos – 11,053 in an iPhone 13 Pro Max – 15,913 in an iPhone 13 mini

Videos & Screenshots

Red flags

Electronic records that I’ll likely never file


White flags that once were red

Paint . Lots of paint.

Reasons to run

Pictures that I have yet to hang up – for years

Pens that erase – well, for the most part

Hundreds of typed notes and random quirky lines that I just might use later

Old phone numbers & Apple ID’s


Passwords – like dozens of them.

Folders of Google Docs and all those ideas that I let fizzle out

Jokes that I’ll never tell but are practiced over and over in my head – still funny though.

On the note of what to leave behind:

What is the legacy you want to leave behind?

On the note of what to leave behind

As I run in circles through my mind

I know that I have left a footprint or two

But how the marks are interpreted will be up to you.

For my children I could save some cash

But without passing on financial literacy, how long would it last?

I can imprint in their minds a strong, superhuman mother

But that would be an illusion

As there have been times when I was driven by pain and delusion.

So here I am at 35 trying to stay well –

I want to stay alive.

And for the rest of my days 

I will be sure that I leave behind

A legacy of craftsmanship, notes of expression, even the frowned upon kind.

And I will show that it is possible to

Step out of a tumultuous state of mind

No matter if it is self inflicted,

Stuck for years or even the

Neurospicy kind.

I desire to leave behind

Happy memories

That far outweigh

The pounds of despair

On any bad day

I have laid out so much of myself,

Continued growth is the only option left.

I want my legacy to be as appreciated as 

Millions of dollars that carry families through generations

I want to capture the warmth

The pride the very indescribable

Sentiments that make people want to thrive.

That is how we keep faith and hope alive.

It says “Live What You Love”

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

No control, no keys to the gate

Passionate prayers for forgiveness, requests for a clean slate.

I’ll work my ass off, I’ll succeed in the end,

Fate beyond my will, may destiny be a friend?

I can do what I can do. I can be patient. I can wait.


Write about your approach to budgeting.

A mathematical equation

Literary skills have no persuasion


Left hemisphere?

Right hemisphere?

The brain of creativity

Window shopping on a sunny Sunday:

I’m sure I could squeeze out enough for a cookie, ooh what’s that smell in the air, grilled food?

Why the hell do I only have $7?

Which subscription did I forget about?

Oh crap, an overdraft fee.

Hold on wait, don’t send that to me yet!

Did I lock my card?

Damn, all I wanted to do was answer a daily writing prompt, now I’m about to open Excel and plan a little better for March.

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