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  • Poem “Resolution” – and an update of sorts
    I affirm that I am on the path to reach my goals. My goals as a writer couldn’t be obtained until I obtained stability. I have shared a ton of personal things about my life here on this blog, and if you’ve been following then you may have seen not only an improvement in my… Continue Reading →
  • Round of applause for healing? Girl, bye.
    My concept of love has always been distorted. Correction: my concepts of love used to be pretty inaccurate. Parts of my growth mean a change in my perception.  Sometimes good people cross paths at a time when they should be focused on healing but they – we… we tend to choose to hold on rather… Continue Reading →
  • A Journey Inside
  • “But – it wears off, don’t it?”
    I’m getting better at the blogging lifestyle and letting vulnerability coax me away from fear. I am stubborn when it hurts me most. If pride is the devil then he surely taunts my humility. But I don’t always know the difference between confidence and arrogance So I tend to filter myself a bit – I… Continue Reading →
  • Factory Reset
    Do you have any collections? Photos – 11,053 in an iPhone 13 Pro Max – 15,913 in an iPhone 13 mini Videos & Screenshots Red flags Electronic records that I’ll likely never file Excuses White flags that once were red Paint . Lots of paint. Reasons to run Pictures that I have yet to hang… Continue Reading →
  • “All Fairytales Have That One Thing in Common”
    Please enjoy this poem and the short video that accompanies it. Potential & a PastPenetration & a PromisePillowtalk&Stimulation Singing familiar songsOff key, but professing a history of musical training Complaining.Nit-pickingThe cluster BPersonality Read meTell me a story,But today, add a little more spice. Fascinating. Discovering that fairy tales give false hopeTo lost little girls.Oh, fuck.Wait,… Continue Reading →
  • On the note of what to leave behind:
    What is the legacy you want to leave behind? On the note of what to leave behind As I run in circles through my mind I know that I have left a footprint or two But how the marks are interpreted will be up to you. For my children I could save some cash But… Continue Reading →
  • Sharing a brief walk down memory lane in a poem, a few pictures, and a spoken word video
    “Maybe” Maybe my lack of satisfaction has nothing to do with a diagnosis Because maybe, possibly, it could be true That there’s just something greater that I’m meant to do. Twirling and attempting to manipulate mood rings as a child, Never backing down from a fight, Learning that women can have autonomy even if the… Continue Reading →
  • Emotion Regulation piece
    Video and graphic I created for Mental Health Awareness Month
  • “Rank these in their order of importance to you…”
    I like walking in the woods. I like walking along trails. I like being near any body of water that I possibly can. I like exploring new places and taking spontaneous road trips. I like women. More than I like men. Resiliency, spiritual journey, confusion, anger, and pain. 90% of it self inflicted. Finding self…. Continue Reading →
  • Death to writer’s block? Or…
  • More poems that I forgot to share from National Poetry Month prompt writing
    I previously shared some really good pieces that I wrote using poetry prompts from other talented writers, poets, and creators on Instagram. Here are just a few more that I meant to share. Thanks for viewing! Please see the link at the bottom of this post to go to my previous post of National Poetry… Continue Reading →
  • Part 2 – Do You Have the Time? I’m late, but I’m here. (Writing my way into my destiny)
    Sometimes I feel that people choose not to heal because they reach a point where they see no purpose in doing so . Although being trauma bound and stuck in victim mentality can be tricky to escape from, it is more difficult to consistently step out of it.  Personal Reflection: Starting a healing journey will… Continue Reading →
  • “But there is this one thing…”
    It makes me… Me. Drop delusion: The core of who I am  I bleed I think I breathe I am Poetry. Soul Identity Race Gender Preference Social Class This remains within my grasp – Do you feel the rhythm of the beat of me? I see A glimpse of God and Heaven  When I write,… Continue Reading →
  • Do You Have the Time? I’m late. But I’m here. (1)
    They say that healing often comes with the desire to be validated for personal progress and that it is one big slippery slope that requires mindfulness.  But who has time to sit with self, to look within self? Who really sits still in present moments? From what I often see, everyone is in a mad… Continue Reading →
  • Sunday Blogging- Tools from Therapy – Chameleon Confessions
    “What is your favorite color? ” “What is yours?” “I’m trying to learn how to be happy and satisfied, but just like a narcissist I find that there are many moments of feeling empty.” For a long time I fought against all things that were good for me. Self sabotage and harmful patterns can only… Continue Reading →
  • Cheers
    Cheers to a new thing. Cheers to consistency. Cheers to: No matter who is watching, I am going to fully embrace and love and take care of ME. *Growth is a choice, and progress is a process.
  • The Other Side
  • Mental Health Awareness Month
    Many of us joke around with terms like “adhd,” “bipolar,” and “schizo” when things or people seem unusual. I use my complex diagnoses with funny videos and some poetry to spread awareness and try to normalize that many of us struggle with some type of something when it comes to mental health. No matter what… Continue Reading →
  • Academy Street – Skateboarding Thoughts
  • “Do All Trees Sway in the Wind?” An Ode to my Grandmother
    I went to visit my grandmother yesterday and I took a belated birthday gift to her. 74. Amazing. I call her my tree, and she calls me her acorn. I tell you, all my life I have been making clever connections as to why I would be her acorn. I have heard funny stories of… Continue Reading →
  • “An Ode of Sorts” – video
  • Look at Life
  • Pecans, Strawberries & Watermelon Seeds- Winston Teeny Bopper
    I have just recently returned to using Instagram as social media was previously one of my biggest triggers. I am affirming my purpose as a writer, and there are always going to be moments of questioning self. Even if it’s just to gauge your message.  I just so happened to join a small group of… Continue Reading →
  • A Poem – Snoqualmie Pass, March 26, 2016
    Snoqualmie Pass, March 26, 2016 – Washington
  • Intentional
    The top video shows imagery with effects and the words to the poem “Intentional,” which can also be found below. The second video I just wanted to share as it was a beautiful cloud gazing day form my patio yesterday. Thank you for viewing this blog post. Admittedly I have been a bit “scatterbrained” lately,… Continue Reading →
  • “I Am”
  • Easter inspired piece – Please enjoy.
    Press play on the video below. This morning I woke up a bit out of sorts and a little trapped in my head, which is a frequent occurrence for me. A combination of sunlight, coping skills, a church sermon, nature, and of course my purpose as a mother and my gratitude for life inspired this… Continue Reading →
  • How the first week of National Poetry Month went – Enjoy this selection of poems!
    Here I have some pieces that I created to kick off National Poetry month. Some of these poems were inspired by prompts created by well known poets and poetry organizations from Instagram in which I will ensure to give credit to and mention upon their permission and discretion. I will also return to this blog… Continue Reading →
  • “A North Carolina Spring – in 2023”
    (Video below, before poem) Me and my friends, I see we been through enough fire. We rewriting stories Full of intention and desire. This world is full of f****d up people. But – if you look hard enough, Perhaps give a squinter or two, If you pay attention to the inner, Perhaps even the little… Continue Reading →
  • “Into… intuition”
  • This is…
    This is the part when I enjoy my life, It seems as if a coin was flipped. This is the part when I take over the script. The moment that my narrative is not  In the hands of anyone else, Not filled with proclamations  To narcissism, No longer defined by any Definition synonymous  To unwell. … Continue Reading →
  • Stubborn Student
    You stubborn student, listen to me! 1 + 1 will never equal 3. The reason why you can’t do math Is because you’re trying to use equations And formulas that don’t exist.  Your studious strength Has so much potential, But you can’t half-ass apply  Knowledge while claiming credentials. You sly, shifty sideline gazer, Stop dividing… Continue Reading →
  • Constant ♾️
    Consistent as the sky is a permanent hue, Constantly searching for something to do. Consistent in spontaneity, Constantly seeking metamorphosis, Consistent in confusion, Constantly seeking bliss. Consistent in twiddling thumbs, Constantly on the run, Consistent in switching roles, Constantly rotating short-lived titles, that was fun. Consistent candid critiques of self, Constantly chipping away ‘til nothing… Continue Reading →
  • Perspective
    Always an attention seeker, Always a gambler, a risk taker, It took more of a  Subtle scenario of self-assured serenity Savagely seeking sympathy Yet expecting satirical smirks She could only erupt from her corrupt mindset After ambiguity became matter of fact that:  She was falling apart. She could only reach for the sun Alone for… Continue Reading →
  • It says “Live What You Love”
    Do you believe in fate/destiny? No control, no keys to the gate Passionate prayers for forgiveness, requests for a clean slate. I’ll work my ass off, I’ll succeed in the end, Fate beyond my will, may destiny be a friend? I can do what I can do. I can be patient. I can wait.
  • Evaporate
    If you stare in the mirror too long, does your reflection seem to change? Your mirror, my mirrorNo filter.The imperfections are pretty clear. Tell me, what reflections do you pick up and carry home with you? Reflecting fragments of self,Glimmers of others,Carrying their shit, your shit,The world’s shit on your face. If you stay too… Continue Reading →
  • What’s she doin?
    Without a care in the world That odd ass girl Sat on her patio Swaying from side to side the other day. Eyes red and puffy in that obvious way, She had been crying or something. Listen, that odd ass girl, That odd ass girl plays her music And gazes towards the sun, Walks that… Continue Reading →
  • 54 Miles til Empty
    Message Delivered. F**k. Can’t unsend. It’s been viewed, maybe I can still delete it. Post. Delete.  Stupid social media measuring my worth again. Recreate. Edit. Post.  Ah, there we go.  Likes, laughs and little hearts. Good, that wasn’t too deep to post there.  Spoken words cannot be retracted. Is it true? Are words spells? Can… Continue Reading →
  • “Collateral Damage” and “An Ode to the Narcissist“
    “An Ode to the Narcissist” Oh narcissist, I hate you because I cannot hate you. No contact I retract  For  it’s true- I’m kinda like a reflection of you. Narcissist walk  Narcissist talk The mask,  When is it on again? Because maybe just maybe The empathy in me, Very childlike, Maybe what I see in… Continue Reading →
  • Spoken word video – “Resiliency”
    I get it .  You want to control  You want to stifle me but see- My resiliency. From the time I was a child you, in various forms, tried to hold me mold me choke me  Silence what’s  inside  But see..  The thing about resiliency.. I may have stumbled I may have fallen  Short of… Continue Reading →
  • -$538.88
    Write about your approach to budgeting. A mathematical equation Literary skills have no persuasion Here. Left hemisphere? Right hemisphere? The brain of creativity Window shopping on a sunny Sunday: I’m sure I could squeeze out enough for a cookie, ooh what’s that smell in the air, grilled food? Why the hell do I only have… Continue Reading →
  • Spoken word video – “Awareness”
  • Show yourself, Grace
    Aren’t we but a series of voices Relaying messages forward from different lifetimes? Am I not of my late great-grandmother, Who bought me a journal Just after a series of troubled teenage years? She said:  “Whatever you do, don’t stop writing.” What did she see in me? Was it not the very same thing that… Continue Reading →
  • Who are you?
    I want to be a voice that positively impacts society  But I can’t if I’m a hypocrite. Bereft of hope  Do standards eliminate sacrifice? The standards of love:  In order to keep her must she be stifled or controlled? Must she be forced to research the roles that make her of more value? Can she… Continue Reading →
  • Day 1 of digging deeper
    “If I could, I would like to reach out and touch the world with my writing. I have many projects that I plan to unleash and I am excited about sharing the creative thoughts that flow through my fingers.” I was onto something. I mean, I was really really onto something. I published this project… Continue Reading →
  • New and improved blog!
  • Reflect
    At times I feel like a mirrorMirroring the actions of othersOthers seem to not give a f**k what they saySay you love meMe Who is me Who are youYou seem confusedConfused dazed and amazedA maze of mystery and bulls**t Bulls**t was a fun card game cuz I lieLies living in fantasy the spreading of thighs… Continue Reading →
  • Trail Walk Whispers
    Which version of the vision do I want to believe? Which one is too much, too big of a task for me? The growth has become uncomfortable, It’s inconvenient. The dreams are intensifying, There is no more denying No comfort zone left to hide in. Interesting how the former people pleaser No longer finds her… Continue Reading →
  • What Would it Mean to Touch the Sun?
    What would it mean to touch the sun? Silly me and my vivid dreams. Create the life you desire. Don’t get too close to the fire. Create the safe haven you have always been seeking. Silly girl, you won’t find it in other people. Safety net Safe place Shame  Vulnerability Disgrace. Guilt trip. Healing, Revealing… Continue Reading →
  • F**k That
    Too boy to be girl But all identifying parts were intact – for now. Twiddly dee, twiddly dae, Too hetero-like to be gay. Not quite Phantom of the Opera, But I sure liked Annie and Grease, Not too far from Christianity, I dunno much about any deities. Washing machine, washing machine, Make my brain go… Continue Reading →
  • Where’s my seat? (Part 1)
    *trigger warning Ever tried to find your place in a room full of glory? Trying to walk with grace, Trying to find Your place? Because surely the smile on your face Could erase Those dis-taste- Ful thoughts Fuller feelings Major dealings  Escaping death  Only to awake pissed off Because in reality  You’re a coward. Trigger… Continue Reading →
  • POST 2 on Faith without Works – 2012 vs 2022
    This collection of poetry started coming to me during an awakening of sorts, and I felt compelled to self publish this in 2022. It represents a journey that I can’t quite describe, but I am very thankful for it. 34 poems published during my 34th year of life. The growth displayed between my 2012 publication… Continue Reading →
  • Life ain’t as sweet as this villanelle
    *Trigger warning Looking back at the stuff I bought Some things with purpose some things just for fun Life ain’t as sweet as little me thought Silly, sassy, stubborn but I took in school lessons taught  Accomplishments made me feel like someone Notoriety and applause stopped, leaving me distraught I am not the shape shifting… Continue Reading →
  • Faith without Works 2012 vs 2022 – Post 1
    I often reflect on the growth displayed in my works. I must also remind myself of why I do what I do. Writing keeps me alive. But I must continue to work towards not only my wellness, but all things that enable me to thrive. I am sharing here a sample of my self published… Continue Reading →
  • Recess
    4th grade playground, All the cool girls in a circle dancing And me. From time to time We played church, Imitating how older ladies shouted When they felt the Holy Ghost. “I dare you to act like you shouting and fight Angelique.” And so without hesitation I did just that. “Fight! Fight!” Ahhh there it… Continue Reading →
  • Buy me? But Reciprocity is Free!
    I despise the very intentional moments Gaslit promises Empty vessels  Bringing forth life  To pass  Down trauma. Oh, you think you can buy me? Well that’s a shame, Reciprocity is free. Tisk tisk, Nice watch on your wrist But we are all running out of time See Even if it’s brand new On acres of… Continue Reading →
  • Identity
    I am always my authentic self in my works, but admittedly if it isn’t well received I find myself doing that dance with self doubt. I love the positive feedback that I receive from the transparency that is displayed along my journey through my writing, but I need not let that be a determining factor… Continue Reading →
  • Bound
    Significant strangers tied together by a tree.  What is the root that connects me to you and you to me? I gotta take what I feel, and put it in writing Because surely those first two lines come off disrespectful, I must hold myself accountable and not be neglectful.  After I talk to God, I… Continue Reading →
  • Baa Baa EBON Sheep
    It gets a bit tiring, Being led by your inner voice. It feels a bit lonely, Realizing that you must stand alone Feeling like that one sheep who went astray, But even after being encouraged to return and complying, There is something different inside. Looking in the sky Wondering why God didn’t allow you to… Continue Reading →
    Who said that you can’t dance to no music? Who labeled you taboo? Whose lens are you viewing YOU from? That runner in you, Who’s that runner running from? Rumbling through the streets of rejection, Ignoring a reflection that is true Are you seeing yourself like they are, Or can you see yourself as YOU?… Continue Reading →
  • Voilà Moment
    “Individuals on the journey eventually find themselves experiencing a baptism by fire. It’s that moment when they are just about to lose their lives and they miraculously, courageously find the answer that gives their life meaning. And that meaning, that answer, saves them.” – Viola Davis In chapter one of “Finding Me,” Viola Davis speaks… Continue Reading →
  • Metaphoric Dream State
    I’ll be among those who admit: “So many times I tried to ignore it.” That voice, that intuition, That spiritual guidance that reminds us of our missions. But in my dream, I saw a raven. Was it similar to Poe’s grief, the underlying message? Or, for me, was it a symbol of rebirth? For in… Continue Reading →
  • I write POETRY
     I write poetry. There are many things I could do in my spare time, But I write poetry. There are many things I could splurge on, I could spend recklessly  But the only investment that fills these internal voids Is writing poetry. No matter what job title I have ever held no matter what diagnosis… Continue Reading →
  • An ode to motherhood
    Becoming a mother at a young age – Challenging, yes. Lack of sleep, mapping out my goals to coincide with the tasks ahead – which I had no idea what it meant other than “I’m going to have a cute little baby. And then I’ll graduate high school.” There are tips and tricks and hacks… Continue Reading →
  • For the moments that cannot be summarized quite right
    Isn’t that something… There is a point in life in which we realize that the journey isn’t always smooth, It may seem as though bleakness is destined, We may search for ways to soothe and compensate for what we feel is lacking, Entering stages in which comparison blinds us.   For what is work without… Continue Reading →
  • “Indescribable”
    **(Please visit home page of blog to view video presentation of this poem.)** It’s probably the scariest assignment once I wake up and think about it.  Days away from 17, months away from teenagehood, months away from completing the first year of life. I said before that there are, in fact, past versions of myself… Continue Reading →
  • SELF … Love???
    This is the part that no preacher no teacher no therapist no spiritual guide, no career no educational degree can do for me. Self love will reveal that you can love in a healthy manner. Self love will reveal that if it’s not conducive to your growth and well-being, that you don’t have to accept… Continue Reading →
  • They didn’t say-
    They didn’t say that healing journeys were such a task, That the very things I have always lacked: CONSISTENCY, DISCIPLINE, AWARENESS, and even ACCOUNTABILITY- Are required. They didn’t say That at times I would question why I chose to do the hard work the uncomfortable internal work They didn’t say that tests would keep coming… Continue Reading →
  • “Replay”
    Childlike views of the world Naïve perspectives Inferiority complexes Birthed. Self worth Comparison God complexes Survival mode reflexes Competition Conformity Hope in humanity Strides Neuroticism Insecurity Feed me Feel me Teach me Mold me Fix me Who – Is – Me? Physical release. Bandaid. Sober realities. Leave me Stay with me Pray with me Hurt… Continue Reading →
  • “Present and Accounted For”
    I just want to spend the rest of my life Capturing moments Making memories Nothing forced or fake Just being present And taking in all that I would not be able to Had I Or anything Or anyone Succeeded in ensuring That I would not be able To do just that.
  • “Mmm-”
    To say to you that I have it all figured out Would be a blatant lie My transparency  Is to prevent you from having to heal from me Shoulda Coulda  Woulda  Don’t quite cut it  17, 22, and 34 I birthed you Still to this day I don’t quite have a clue I cannot go… Continue Reading →
  • An Ode of Sorts
    I read that book and held it tight, For through it she spoke to me that night. Stories told need not be dark to be effective. How could words describe the freedom As my eyes danced along the pages, A rainbow of wisdom, indeed – Each word, each page With a lesson in which to… Continue Reading →
  • “I AM LIGHT”
    ** Video recording can be found on main page of my blog.** “Don’t go to school telling our business, a house divided will not stand.” “Forgiveness is a must, no matter where he laid his hand.” “You have a name that sounds white, You’ll get a good job.”  “I wanna blonde hair, blue-eyed doctor.” Generations… Continue Reading →
  • Too… Something
    I was too chicken to try and meet the late great Dr. Maya Angelou, She was a professor right in my hometown. Too timid to profess how much Alice Walker inspires me. Too sleep to tell Evie Shockley that she’s dope, But in my dreams, they all know so. I was too discouraged to keep… Continue Reading →
  • Thanks to all who have joined me on my journey
    I want to thank those who have joined me and inspired me along my journey. As I venture and explore and build a community of eccentric writers and poets, I find that it is important to display some facets of vulnerability. “All my life I had to write” has been embedding into my mind lately,… Continue Reading →
    All my life I had to fight, no But all my life I had to write. Clever classy clumsy Dummy dumb me Empathy leading me  Foolishly  Girl Boy human bod-y  Hot trotting hungover need a hot-tottie Is this ever going to stop Jess  Keyboard click the pen it glides  Lies living in fantasy the spreading… Continue Reading →
  • The Cadence of Rebel Jane
    The rebel felt suitable for a noble cause For she did not listen to many, She learned the hard way, No authority, not her parents,  Not man’s laws. But Something about the movie GI Jane The strength of Demi Moore Ignited her fiery spirit She needed to try She needed to wear it For pride… Continue Reading →
  • Letter to My Creator
    How do I start this? “Hello” No. “It is with much dismay,” No. “Hi, Creator, thank you for this day. That last feat was a bit trying, Didn’t think that I would make it. Didn’t think that I could take it, One more lesson. It –  Hurt – More than anything I had ever blamed… Continue Reading →
  • Monae
    She’s hot s**t Too legit She keeps steppin’ As if she’s preppin’ For something meaningful. That head held high She let out a sigh And waved to the norms of society: “Goodbye.” Where she’s going There’s no showing  Judgment  Or fear She has downloaded a message She don’t belong here. Before eccentricity became a trend… Continue Reading →
  • GLOW
    Out of this hole  I chose to climb Cliche statements  “This is so sublime!” For awe inspiring poets Can’t dwell in the darkness forever. How I longed to be of the greats To meet my idols But I shall meet one in particular At the gates  Of Heaven. Many do not live to see their… Continue Reading →
  • Whom would I be?
    If that hadn’t happened, whom would I be? Truth be told, I would not be me. I jokingly state that I am a walking experiment, as if I chose to expose myself to so many walks of life that not only would I become lost, but I would have to fight to find myself again…. Continue Reading →
  • September vow of self-expression writing challenge
     A safe place is a safe place is a safe place. And this is mine.  I have succeeded in a few pertinent areas. But now it’s time to normalize. Normalize that none of us have all of the answers. That we are human even when we desire not to be. That life is humbling and… Continue Reading →
  • LiBeRaTiOn
    The way she walks And how she talks You can tell that she’s been through a storm. The way she gravitates And radiates  You can feel That what she states is real. No limitation To her liberation  For each journey is unique. You can feel her step into the room She’s the definition of mystique…. Continue Reading →
  • You dropped something –
    Ransacking through closets. Skulls roll, you kick the bones back in. Slamming doors. Opening others. Trying to find the right mask that fits for the day. Each occasion A different mode of persuasion How exhausting. Aren’t you tired?
  • Spiritual Warfare
    That dark skin glistened in the sunlight Coarse hair abundant in gray You almost looked like Jesus But you’re not. And so here I am in the shower Scrubbing myself Praying My thoughts away. Spiritual warfare is very real I long to release I long to heal Tell your demon To let me go I… Continue Reading →
  • The Girl is Awake, now available
    As I continue along my journey it is key that I remain present and patient. This collection of poetry serves as a critical landmark. 34 poems published during my 34th year of life. Each publication that follows will add onto and reiterate growth and pivotal milestones. My journey means so much to me. Each poem… Continue Reading →
  • Energy
    You don’t deserve my energy Or to be on my mind You don’t deserve one more sentence from the poet Not a word not a line. Energy vampires crave The good and bad Reactive abuse is what You count on. So allow me to say this and then I’m good, the poet is done: I… Continue Reading →
  • The floor
    Temporary toxic satisfaction Isn’t worth my life. It won’t fill voids Or create a life That I always wanted. It only results in me being Cold, Empty, And naked On the floor, Searching for my soul.
  • The poet has returned
    Mystique draws me in, these unique spirits encapsulated, in human form. But wisdom leads to discernment, as mystery and curiosity and empathy aren’t always mutually beneficial. The poet has returned. A bit stronger. A bit wiser. Ready to fully step into self. She’s back.
  • Capture Moments
    For instead, The poet found It more beneficial to Capture moments In which to use later To Express And Inspire Others. But the poet Was growing Tired.
  • Spectacle
    Let me be the spectacle if my journey can touch the lives of others.  It’s a wonder how many with a diagnosis Can actually be genius if they fully  tap into their capabilities  The very quirky labels not of the norm for society I’ll be the ring leader of the circus  The wildest of the… Continue Reading →
  • 2:43 am side note on healing
    Life is a journey  Healing is a process. There is no convenient hour of the night or day In which to firmly state  “Okay I am perfectly healed, and okay.” For there is a fine line  Between many things: Growth / Patterns Survivor / Victim Good Heart / Doormat Blaming / Accountability  LOVE / HATE…. Continue Reading →
  • Deep thoughts upon reflection of the past
    The thought process that I recognize and now release: “I know that my feelings are a major inconvenience, but as I am in deep thought, I must know: what do I add of value to your life?” My internal voice: I must be strong. Always. And stay on guard.  I cannot have emotions and vulnerability… Continue Reading →
  • You
    And along your journey, keep being you, You happy-go lucky, positive vibe, you.  You stubborn yet determined to succeed, you. You fairy tale encapsulated dream, you. You. Don’t allow any of it to turn you ugly, Outside or within. You hopeless romantic  but now with  Healthy boundaries, you. You more centered more calm,  More balanced… Continue Reading →
  • Welcome
    Welcome to my safe space to use my voice. If you are here know that you are loved and worthy. I shall use this space to share myself, in a sense, in various forms as I believe in the freedom of expression and the beauty of art in many forms. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100082850679707

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