Digital Downloads – Poetry & Prose

Poetry and prose materials will continuously be loaded onto this page. The purpose for adding digitally downloadable materials is not only to inspire others along their journeys, but these gestures of support will go towards my overall writing endeavors.

All of the digital downloads that will be displayed here are original and copyrighted materials. Please enjoy materials, but please do not mass produce or make multiple copies of the items.

I openly share my journey with healing and wellness, and although we can never end stigma I aim to help normalize that many of us struggle with mental health at some point. There is no need for shame.

I will share posts here on my blog and on my social media platforms each time that I add more digital content! Please leave feedback about your digital download experience. I will address concerns and rectify all that I can.

All items that will display here are offered on a donation basis.

You are always welcome to leave feedback or a donation at any point. I am excited to share more poetry and prose with you!

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