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Mother of 3 – Poet – Veteran – Educator – Human

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**Please note: the contents of my works are not for minors. Please note that there may be content and topics that would require a form of a trigger warning.**

**Trigger Warning**

Welcome to my safe space to use my voice to express and normalize transparency in overcoming traumatic experiences. If you are here, you are loved and worthy. And thank you for stopping by.

The sharing of content on this blog is encouraged and much appreciated. Lead with love.

Jusjess Poetry

Quick note

Anyone who knows me knows that writing is my first love. Of all of the hats I have ever worn, writing serves as the ultimate gateway to my wellbeing.

I spent time in the U.S. Navy, serving in Japan and San Diego.

I enjoy filling roles in education, with reading and writing being my preferences and elementary level instruction being my comfort zone.

I share my poetry on social media platforms, and I also have self-published works that you will find on this blog.

I am one of many who simply desires to enjoy life on Earth and continue to experience the beauty that still exists within it.

I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life healthy and happy, and if my coping strategies for mental wellbeing are useful to others, then that is what I think life is all about.

I advocate for growth and healing. If transparency, openness, and vulnerability are offensive to you, then I wholeheartedly respect your choice not to browse this blog. ✨

Here is a video that I created for “Awareness,” a spoken word piece.

What will you find on the Jusjess Poetry blog?

Poetry, reflective nonfiction, excerpts from my books, and videos of works.

Please feel free to reach out with performance and/or collaboration opportunities, no matter where you are located!


Call: 910-727-1950



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This is…

This is the part when I enjoy my life, It seems as if a coin was flipped. This is the part when I take over the script. The moment that my narrative is not  In the hands of anyone else, Not filled with proclamations  To narcissism, No longer defined by any Definition synonymous  To unwell. …

Stubborn Student

You stubborn student, listen to me! 1 + 1 will never equal 3. The reason why you can’t do math Is because you’re trying to use equations And formulas that don’t exist.  Your studious strength Has so much potential, But you can’t half-ass apply  Knowledge while claiming credentials. You sly, shifty sideline gazer, Stop dividing…

Constant ♾️

Consistent as the sky is a permanent hue, Constantly searching for something to do. Consistent in spontaneity, Constantly seeking metamorphosis, Consistent in confusion, Constantly seeking bliss. Consistent in twiddling thumbs, Constantly on the run, Consistent in switching roles, Constantly rotating short-lived titles, that was fun. Consistent candid critiques of self, Constantly chipping away ‘til nothing…