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It is becoming increasingly difficult to downplay my dreams,

and so I no longer will.

I tell myself that it’s okay to 

have just now realized a thing or two,

I show myself grace as I trace 

these fine lines on my body 

with my fingertips.

What is life without a journey well narrated?

Foolish accounts of foolish nights 

in admirable uniforms,

feeling like somebody,

when really I was just a naive teen 

running away from her hometown and her past. 

What I found

was something similar 

to that warmth in the pit 

of my stomach when I open a book

written by an unconventional woman,

the kind who isn’t so agreeable.

Something like pride or

like purpose.

When did you first start feeling like someone?

It is true that whatever I do, I put my whole self into it.

Some say that is foolish, and while I know that

mindfulness is key, 

I told you that

I cannot do “surface level” or “bare minimum.”

Solitude brought to me

a closer connection to God

and a stronger desire to succeed.

I never in my life wanted to settle,

always that temperamental oddball who didn’t really fit in… anywhere.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to downplay my dreams,

And so I no longer will.

Fear tried to hold me and keep me feeling incapable yet I have surpassed my own goals when it comes to fulfilling roles that keep my soul aflame and continue to heal my inner child.

Read “Cat Lady Poem” – I had fun writing this piece!

This is Love (self-love)

It’s a risky thing, healing out loud, but my God has it been worth it. Today I was able to be present as one of my sisters shared her testimony and was baptized along with my niece. I simply love this part of life for us. There ought not be any shame in this part. If you have time, check out the two pieces below. One is a post from this summer, the other was very recently written.

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