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When I think about questioning my niche and the topics of my writing, I think of those of us who appreciate a level of “normalized” realness when it comes to growth and self-discovery.

When I began this blog and this journey overall, I had the wrong intentions. I was angry and hurt, I wanted to be seen and validated. I wanted to prove so much to people in my life. I had the wrong goals.

Next summer will bring my blog to the grand age of 2 years old, and already it has surpassed my expectations and reach. It has made a difference and an impact that helps others… and helps me in ways that I didn’t expect. 2 years is not long, but it’s the consistency and the effort that I applaud myself for. God willing, 2 years of Jusjess Poetry will become 20, or more…

I had to get up. A video for you:

I spent a long time sitting in my head, questioning myself and my purpose. I had to sink in order to choose to swim. What moves me most is the comments and the social followings by people who are inspired by my journey.

People… are inspired by… me?! But wait, isn’t this what I wanted and asked God for?!

This, along with many other realizations, led to a major shift in my perspective. I think back to moments in my life that were different, but extremely similar. And to be honest, even when I thought I had dropped the “victim mentality” voice, it would be years before I truly started learning how to be accountable. So much of the start of my journey and posting of public content looked like:

blurred screaming man
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Chaos, confusion, and raging at the world…

Just a Small Little Indent

I remember the day when I responded to this writing prompt about what kind of change I would like for my blog to make. Gratitude rings loudly as I see indents of positivity spreading through my determination (read that post below):

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Perhaps in many ways, I am still afraid of:

  • success,
  • stepping out of my comfort zone,
  • too much of a spotlight,
  • being seen although I BEGGED to be seen in many instances.

Or perhaps I just need to work hard to stay balanced, calm, and confident in the work that I am doing.

Finding Freedom Through Writing : A Journey of Vulnerability

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Thank you for viewing this post. Good things are taking place, but I know that I have to be patient and mindful as I strive to reach my goals. I am so grateful for those who take time to browse my blog, those who have subscribed, and those who interact with me here as well as on other platforms. I do my best to interact across each platform, and that will have to take more mindfulness and planning, as well. I aim to reach out and connect with as many writers, poets, and kind hearted people as I can.

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