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Jessica Fuller – Fall 2023 Chapbook Release Countdown

Hi! I am so excited to post about my upcoming chapbook! I have been working diligently and as mindfully as I can to plan and take time to build and have patience with myself. You may start to notice some changes on my blog when it comes it’s content, layout, and features. I will have ways to order my poetry chapbook from my blog as well as on Pat of my social media platforms.

Thank you for following my journey! Do stick around!

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Jessica Fuller – Fall 2023 Chapbook Release Countdown

My newest publication is weeks away, and I can’t accurately describe how excited I am to launch this poetry collection.

What else is ahead?

I previously shared The Girl is Awake, a collection of 34 poems written and published during my 34th year of life. This collection is very special to me, so I decided to invest in a complete relaunch from cover to cover. The original version will always be available on Amazon, but just wait until you see what I have going for its revamp!

As I prepare for this bigger project, do consider purchasing the original. Here is the Amazon link to it:

I look forward to the upcoming COVER to COVER redo of this collection!

Re-share of an older post: Round of Applause for Healing? Girl, bye.

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2 responses to “Chapbook Release Countdown and Blog Changes!!!”

  1. Awesome! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you!!! I’m so excited to put this out !!

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