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This poem was inspired by a writing prompt on Threads. I’ll share a link to my Threads profile at the bottom of this post.

What if I was right?

What if I was right about what I am destined to evoke?

What if I’m not just an ingrate who went rogue?

It is true that I had to plummet to fathoms of myself 

that I didn’t know existed 

but what if I was honest within babbles 

and confessions of gibberish –

What if what I insisted

really did take place?

What if I am not a disgrace?

True, I had a glut of excuses at the start –

trauma can’t be the reason I deplete me.

But – 

What if it’s too late

for a clean slate?

I refuse to turn back now.

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2 responses to “What if I was right? Sharing recent poems inspired by writing prompts.”

  1. Really like this one! 🌻

    1. Thank you so much!

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