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Daily writing prompt
When was the first time you really felt like a grown up (if ever)?

Writing Prompt Response

Am I a Woman Now?

I remember pretending to get my period for attention,

and trying to use butter to rush the growth of my breasts.

I was so ready but not so ready to be a grown up,

A rebel with a cause and a ton of anger issues with no clue what would come next.

Was it the desire to have the power to make certain decisions? 

Who told us that by a certain age, we’d have it all figured out?

To myself I’ve made many revisions to align with visions and still I see where I lack precision.

The Shift Into a Grown Up Mindset

Maybe I became a woman just recently, within the last few years or so.

Maybe I became an adult when I better grasped

the power of words 

and of the mind 

and how we don’t have the time 

to stew and get stuck or to run away and avoid,

I became a grown up

when I stopped looking for people, places, and things

to fill an internal void.

I see the need for me 

to keep growing towards the ability 

to stay emotionally regulated

but as I have stated 

I hold myself accountable 

for my bullsh*t

and although my wit 

my growth 

my ego still tend to clash,

this is the stage I wanted to reach 

but for so long it stayed just within grasp.

Now it is here, and I am a grown up, at last.

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“Unconventional Woman, Love Yourself”

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3 responses to “Getting Ready For Grown Up Life: Becoming A Woman”

  1. Great. Thanks for sharing Jusjess🌺

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting!!! 😊

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