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Before diving into another busy week, I wanted to sit these poems here. They were inspired by writing prompts that I came across in my interactions on Threads, that new app by Instagram that seems to be taking off in the best of ways.

azure rippling seawater in sunset light
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Backstroking in the Ocean

Swim in denial but

not much more than a dip,

that trip goes on for infinity,

who said that it was just

a little river?

Instant gratification a need,

pleasure seeking endlessly.

Just me, afraid to face me.

So I can’t blame a single soul

that I’ve encountered while floating,

back stroking,


After a while

my inhales became shallow

expectations shallow.

Breast stroke the best for that mode.

Epiphany brings a sigh

upon reaching a land

that I was likely always searching for.

By the way, check out my Threads account. I have found some pretty amazing and talented individuals on that app.

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I Promise. Gloomy Becomes Glowing.

“This place kind of sucks,

I see you sitting, your face painted with

obscurity – I think I know what you’re

feeling. It sits heavy in you.”

This one book

in this one place


residual luminance

of dim reflections as fragmented light.

I hope that I recalled that accurately. I might not have.

“My friend, hold on. Gloomy becomes

glowing and trust me, I’m knowing how

difficult it is to cross that threshold.”

Keep going.

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Shine a Light? On Whom?

If things done in the dark come to light

who’s duty is it to unearth the dirt done by others?

May I pick and choose my plight?

I’ll shine a light upon the self righteous.

No one is righteous enough to not face God

or an “aha” moment as they wither away,

contingent on their beliefs.

I meticulously choose when to let this tone resurface.

I promise I’m not too much.

Pick audience, tweezing out the naysayers,

the best way to be choosy to me.

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