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What makes a leader become a leader?

I post a lot of inspirational writings, and I wholeheartedly believe in standing for good. Admittedly, I look back at situations that I wish I would’ve handled better, the kind of responses that reflect my growth and compassionate nature versus reiterating any other perception of me.

I’ll also admit that I avoided leadership roles in the past because they frightened me.

It was one of those things: fear of failure and fear of letting other people down who depended on me. But sometimes something in my heart tells me to acknowledge that in many ways, I am a leader.

If I hold myself back by not acknowledging and recognizing my own capabilities, then what good does that do?

I’m not saying that I have the knowledge skill set or the mental capacity to step into many leadership roles, but what I’m saying is that I aim to find a calm way to make a positive mark.

What won’t work, Jess:

Fury-led reviews and multiple texts and emails sent trying to not appear crazy as I am driven by a desire to make a difference;

I know that I need to practice more mindfulness. Conversations with people trying to not appear as though I am being judgmental, but more so trying to help them see how they negatively impact the lives of others is a waste of time in this moment.

These things mean nothing to selective ears and my refusal to accept that many people don’t care about what I care about is likely to hinder me.

They Burn Their Bras, Don’t They?

This post brings me back to reflecting on a recent post that I made about feminism. It contains some helpful, and a bit satirical notes and reminders on how I must stay mindful in order to make my impacts more effective.

Thank you for reading this post. If you have a moment, please do visit my recent post ‘They Burn Their Bras, Don’t They?’ below. It is my belief that you won’t regret visiting that post.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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