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I’m reading a few books

A few books with extreme caution

This is the shit that I love to write about, too!

Slowing my pace a bit more

Branching out 

Because what a lovely place this world is.

My stride, it works for me.


Even after acknowledging that this isn’t a race I fight senses of urgency to get somewhere even when I can’t quite figure out where that place is or what it looks like what it feels like what it smells like what it represents.

My sister told me that for my new job I should go grab a couple of thrift shop pieces but I didn’t go for fear that some stranger would recognize me in the store buying second hand items just as they were – because also who would they have even told? Pride.

I’m not in grade school but oftentimes I am competing in a contest with myself because I am my worst enemy and I tend to bully myself with my thoughts.

Positive vibes – a mad dash leads you nowhere fast -why is everyone in such a hurry? Passing around road rage and I’ve got my toddler in the car but b***h if I didn’t then surely I would show you that your attitude has nothing on mine. But instead let me go home and get my home in order I’m taking my baby to church in the morning.

Thank God for growth.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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