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Daily writing prompt
What motivates you?

Writing Prompt Response

Lately I have noticed an internal switch in me, and while truthfully many may get a glimpse of the old me, I am not like I used to be.

I tend to go harder when met with adversity

I tend to hold myself a little more accountable these days, you see

no one else deserves credit for my story.

We tend to forget the gift that solitude brings and how those subtle signs of healing and growth shine through even we doubt our abilities.

Challenges and Adversity

Today I attempted to handle a few matters that I have been working with my VA providers to rectify. I write about empathy all the time, but I have to make sure that I share my role in the things that stress me out. I created a new set of challenges for myself that I am doing my best to face, address, and move on from.

My therapist pointed something out to me today. I was standing in front of a place that must have served as a major life test. That is the only explanation I can come up with for what I experienced while living there.

My therapist helped me to see that I have overcome obstacles my entire life. There is strength that comes from facing adversity, and I write about resilience all the time. I am a writer who pretty much lays out all of her trauma with no shame across several online platforms. Facing the adversity that exists within society motivates me and affirms several things to me about myself.

There will always be challenges in life. I choose to look at them as a motivating factor now.

I have been consistently overcoming, and I am no where near done. This is a lifelong process for me because to me, the journey of life is about progression.

Life is about how we adapt and handle challenges and moments of adversity.

I look around and I see so many things that I do not like or agree with, and the sad reality is that much of society operates off of self gratifying desires. It’s rare to find compassionate people who aren’t driven by their own agendas or unhealed wounds. And I say this as one who definitely fights not to operate out of the wounds that I am working to heal.

I face adversity a lot, as I am almost literally an open book.

I’m grateful for this writing prompt today. Even as I write this I feel empowered as a mother who longs to lead by example in many ways. I will always show my children the real deal when it comes to my life. They will know that their mother doesn’t have it all figured out nor does she pretend that she is perfect.

It is exhausting walking around not as my authentic self. And if I hide my challenges from my kids, I think that gives them a false representation of what it means to be an adult.

Teaching my children that challenges will always arise and that this world is full of adversity and tough experiences is what motivates me in this particular phase of my journey. But of course it’s not enough to just tell and teach them this. I must be able to equip them with the tools that will help them succeed and be able to show them how to use them.

Thank you for reading. As always, I welcome comments!

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