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I live in the present moment while being hopeful for the future while not dismissing the curiosities for what could be.

Reshare of Present and Accounted For

When I wrote this poem, I was beginning to feel something new: empowered. I had already been sharing a lot of my poems and funny videos on TikTok, and I was starting gain more courage as I continued to step away from my last relationship. I started noticing that I am not a “bad” person. Stressed and fresh out of trotting along the comforts of unhealthy patterns and choices? Yes. But much of my perception of self came from guilt, shame, and embarrassment.

I have shared so much of the things that I have overcome. I have shared angry moments and even moments of being unappreciative.

I have shared my past struggled with mental health and how I attempted to leave this earth on more than one occasion. Thank God that my suicide attempts were unsuccessful along with my extreme old habits of self harm and self medication.

I share a lot, and I keep it real for a reason. For many reasons.

Please do click the link below to read my poem Present and Accounted For. Never had I ever imagined I would reach such a place of healing.

And look at life. Here I am, back to my healthiest version of me. I’d even go as far as to say I am better today than I have ever been.


Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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