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I am stubborn.
Well, I like to say:
I once was so stubborn.

And angry.

And while I acknowledge the need
To be cordial I also see that sometimes there
Is just no reciprocity. It is true that many things
We do to ourselves, so now I’ve got a few messes to
Clean up.

But I won’t clean them with my tears
Or strides of anger each time I am reminded
Of how I signed up for the things that I am living.

I won’t tuck away the messes, hiding my stresses and the good things that anger brings.

And I refuse to lie to my children in order to protect unhealthy individuals.

I once was so stubborn.
And angry.
Those habits of combusting still try to mold me.
I cannot let you hold me, I’ve got places to be.
You see, I just now started loving on me,
I won’t fold on that,
I told you that I’m stubborn.

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(Keep reading below to view my reshare of Apologies to Kids.)

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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Apologies to Kids

After making a series of decisions and vows to myself, I try to do my best not to give energy to the things that make me angry. I allow anger, a valid emotion, to teach me and motivate me.

I want to sit this reflection here without saying too much. What I will say is that today came with major realizations, and when the day comes to explain more of those age appropriate things, I think I can handle it. Things don’t always go as planned, and I learned a lot from today. Thanks for stopping by! My reflection, Apologies to Kids, is below. I haven’t been as active as usual, but I will be back soon to continue interacting with bloggers and on other social platforms. This Mama has a lot of things to do. Good things.


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