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Queens are elegant, confident, and graceful, aren’t they? I mean, surely I’m not one of them.

But if I am a queen, as you mention 

then perhaps I’m stuck somewhere in between purgatory and affliction, only to reach peace through heightened self-awareness.

Deeper than the limbo of brilliance and insanity,

more like an abyss of dismissed clues,

nothing short of phenomenon.

Easier to run

and fall short,

easier to not care.

Misuse of manifestations

sprinkling me everywhere.

Surrendering to self defeat,

lack of belief in me,

squinting in disbelief 

when complimented.

That was the way of me.

And if I am a queen, as you mention 

then perhaps this self-discovery has been

better than finding someone else

something else

somewhere else

to escape through.

Perhaps, just maybe

I am approaching a breakthrough.

Thanks for reading this poem! Maybe I’ll return to this poem in the near future and add to it. And change the title.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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