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The conversations that we skate around probably just need to take place. Avoiding uncomfortable topics only prolongs the inevitable, or in my case, prevents healing.

A Re-enactment of a Phone Conversation:

Actually, it’s okay,

no need to make any promises.

Promises dissipate into

brisk air during that

pivotal change of seasons.

Oh, but I did

want to tell you something.

Oh, okay.

Talk to you soon. Okay.

When I reach my destiny


won’t be tainted by topics that I chose not to face.

Stranger Danger in Autumn – Forgiveness

One of the hardest things that I had to learn is that there is no guarantee of conversations taking place. Even if I wanted to them to take place for years. I mean, after I had and sometimes still do have numerous thoughts and instances of conversations replaying in my head along with random moments of “I should have said,” well when the hell was I going to be able to have a certain damn conversation?

Well, that is one of many purposes of this blog, and today I am okay with that. I am sharing below “Stranger Danger in Autumn – Forgiveness,” and if you’ve got time do consider following the link below to read it. This is another one of those poems that I share with intense vulnerability. And humor. We must never leave out sarcasm and humor.


Another topic of conversation: Updates!

It’s pretty remarkable how far things have come, and I am mainly referring to my changes within. Surely a few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined being in this mental space. I simply didn’t feel worthy of it.

My hard work has allowed me to get back out and do things that I enjoy. I also see so many positive shifts taking place in my household. On the horizon, of course, is still my lingering aspiration of publishing with success. By success I mean having that readership in tact and continuing to interact and build within the communities I have found. And let’s not forget burying that old habit of mine. There is no need for me to rush my goals.

Today I am more patient and consistent than I have ever been.

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Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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