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Daily writing prompt
What change, big or small, would you like your blog to make in the world?

Just a small little indent left by good intent could be so impactful. 

One person can’t change the world but by making one positive impact at a time, many of us sure can try. 

Just a small little indent left by good intent could be so impactful, and while I have often daydreamed of “making it big” as a writer from a miraculous discovery perhaps even by a fluke, my blog has become a source of inspiration. And that in itself, is simply amazing.

Keeping my expectations in the realm of “realistic,” I hope that I can add an additional layer of positive impact to encouraging other people to heal. That in itself is no insignificant goal, but it starts with very small but meaningful indents. 

crop man with hands under transparent water
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The indents and imprints 

that I hope come from Jusjess Poetry 

would be 

a little clarity even if from this odd source

and on a larger scale it would be amazing for 

my voice to guide others to their own safe haven.

But pacing my aspirations is a necessity for me.

I believe that being my authentic self and not trying to force things to be or to happen will be the best way to make a positive change through my blogging. I can vividly recount numerous failed attempts to get the wrong people to visit my blog, and I’ve darn near stood in the middle of a busy freeway screaming, “READ MY POETRY!!!” 

Okay, I would actually never do anything as radical as that. But you get it. The best way to invest in the growth of my blog and myself and be able to reach authentic audiences that I can positively impact is to simply let things be. And grow. And let my blog and its contents speak to those it’s meant for. 

So what changes would I like for my blog to make?

I want my blog to be a motivating force of positivity, not the annoying or forced kind

but a space people can go to read and breathe when they find 

themselves stuck in their minds

or bound by internal calamity 

striving to find themselves when they feel

a little ways off from the norms

that societal and social and familiar pressures may bring –

As I veer off into my thoughts 

from this writing prompt,

I feel that spark of passion and determination

because this miniscule but powerful promising 

blog of poetry and prose reflections,

has been loading in my mind for so long

for years,

and it took near death for me to choose 

to get serious about my dreams

and my purpose. 

But if just a small little indent left by good intent could be so impactful, and you took the time to read my writing prompt response, then maybe my blog is already doing its job.

Thank you for viewing.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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