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Video, Poem Share, an Update, and a Thank You!

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Video – The Real Me

Around mid-June of this year I shared “The Real Me” as images. I finally got around to reading it and making it into a video. Check it out:

Original Post of “The Real Me”

View original post of “The Real Me” here: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/17/the-real-me/

Reflective Poem About Motherhood and My Journey

My children, they trust me,

Even though many times I didn’t trust me.

They have had valid reasons not to trust me in the past.

I sip tea and meditate

breathing in today

yes I’m eager and anxious

but I must have patience.

Many things I don’t like

and many people I don’t agree with.

That’s okay.

Jess, that’s okay.

My children, they trust me.

Even though many times I didn’t trust me.

They have had valid reasons not to trust me in the past.

I’ve got a pep in my step

and although it’s not all

bubbles, unicorns, and glitter

over here,

I must choose to radiate positivity

lest those thinking traps,

they clench so fast with tight grip

I’ve got a story in my soul

and a swag in my hips

because I take things for what they are

and no longer what I wish them to be.

I look up at the sky.

I’m just happy to be here.


My Kids – My Journey – and Motherhood

Each day that I see my blog being noticed, it’s almost like an added layer of confirmation that I am on the right path and doing the right things. It hasn’t always been this way. Along my journey of finding and loving myself, I admit that I lost sight of how much my choices and my struggles impact my kids. Today I am so proud to say that my kids and I have made so many positive strides that have surprised even me. I love that I create space for them to speak and express themselves, but most of all I am happy that I have maintained age-appropriate transparency with them. And I always will. Check out my reflection on the subject of extending apologies to kids and keeping it real with them about these things.

Read “Apologies to Kids” Below

Read my reflection “Apologies to Kids” here: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/06/15/apologies-to-kids/

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  1. It’s a really beautiful photo, post, and video. Wonderful blog!

    1. Thank you!!! I pour everything I have into this blog and I truly do feel moved when people receive my writing well!!

      1. The photo and video really bring it home. Your children are beautiful, and so are you!

      2. Thank you so so much!

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