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Allow me to share some morning poetry with you!

This morning, I woke up in this ambivalent kind of headspace. While it is common for many of us to start our day in a distressing tone, I have had to consistently work at this balance thing. There are many things that I can allow to discourage me, but those thinking traps only hinder me. Enjoy these poems and the audio clips that I created for them. Have a great day!

Me to Me

Compare me to me, 

I see a widening, a magnification

An integration of past and current selves

An acceptance that took years to step in,

This seemingly deep breath in. Me.

Morning Intentions

The best part about each morning is that I get to set the intention for the day.

Not so much the overloading of white boards in my very meticulous ways to keep my memory 

in sync with my goals,

but that other part:

If I start the day worried about yesterday and allow those woes

to carry over,

then that sunlight that I am now basking in 

won’t seem like the blessing that it is.

I must teach these kids,

these amazing human beings who will thrive 

that this world, although not easy or kind –

it’s imperative that you find 

ways to maintain gratitude, you 

must remind 

yourselves of the beauty that still exists in life.

Morning Gratitude

I made this gratitude list yesterday

as I longed to scream angrily 

with a list of complaints and regrets.

But I pulled myself together 

as I see better up ahead.

And these things that I love,

these things that I have,

along with the temporary things that didn’t stay –

I appreciate.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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