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I remember a period of time when I tried to block out all of my dreams. And when I feared falling asleep. I can remember when I was afraid to have vivid dreams that would disturb and sit within me.

I didn’t know that some people don’t have dreams, or that many people do not remember their dreams when they do dream. That still blows my mind. As I continue embracing those uncomfortable and ugly sides of myself along my healing journey, I find that I have a greater level of appreciation for these dreams that I can and can’t control. I also have a new interpretation of my fear of dreaming that I will explore later on in a separate blog post. For now here’s a poem or two.

What do you make of your vivid dreams?

I tried to run away from mine as you can see.

running and trying to manipulate

hands bound, so no fist fighting

quite often in the end I found myself

surrendering to some form of aggressor.

Surrender in that way seemed easy,

then the dream would end.

But I then began to

do that one thing

use that one thing

to break the chains that kept trying to cling

to me.

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Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams

I am a dreamer

in the screams

of my expressions

vivid dreams

now a blessing to me.

And it seems

as though destiny isn’t

too far away these scenes

that replay not from trauma but

familiar themes,

perhaps destiny is right now.


Just me.

Just Jess.

Manifesting my success.

Writing my way into my destiny.

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Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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