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life like dust like faith like trust

there’s freedom in throwing the mask away 

remove sex and lust

Hello clarity.

High tides of emotion 

that day after stressin’

accompanies pillowtalk confessions

exposing my own voids.

graffiti on the walls of an abandoned building in city
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High tides of clarity –


like an ocean wave it

swept me away from my fears,

drifting away from fear of success.

Sunken is that old narrative of Jess.

I feel the dust settling

no more meddling –

life like dust like faith like trust

I step out of the shadows of doubt I 

am no longer afraid.

Look what I’ve made

I created this space 

and after burrowing down deep

I found me!

Sand and ocean residue a comfort on my skin.

I’ve floated off into my thoughts again.

close up of a feather floating on the water
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Tidal waves 

my face disclaimed the fear 

of standing up to someone I gave my body to –


Purpose in emotions, even that anger thing


my feelings 

my thoughts 

and my being.

Actually – 

I don’t have to believe a word that you say,

letting actions

steer me away from fairy tale hope 

that exists in words 

spoken during moments 

when my heart is open,

ignoring my brain 

and bodily sensations 

warning me to flee.

a picture of a person displaying despair surrounded with smoke
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Masks lead

actions, too –

feeding your need

for validation,

trust me I get it, mine is just a different kind.

Mine was just a different kind, actually 

and now I’ve found me. 

It’s not so bad to prioritize me.

african american woman performing in darkness
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It makes perfect sense,

actually. The hole in me 

was immense. 

You were famished, too. 

I remember that selfish 

prayer I made to God

without understanding 

the humor in life lessons.

Glimmers reflections 



not expecting 

to see so much life 

still left inside 

of me.

flowers and a little mirror on a blanket outdoors
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But let’s lay that to rest 

3 children I fed from my breasts 

I must invest 

in their futures –

no more 

selfishly seeking 

to fill voids

through concepts

that I, too misconstrued.

a red heart painted on a white wall
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Journey to Inner Peace

I have worked hard not only to embrace my authentic self, but to be able to obtain inner peace while finding my place in society. This poem on inner peace was a pivotal writing for me.


Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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