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Daily writing prompt
What would you change about modern society?

Writing Prompt Response

For quite some time I didn’t know who I was.

Who I am…

Who am I in modern day society?

Much of society operates from a moral compass, but even then I think we must stay mindful that morality can be individual, cultural, and of course as we abide by governing laws (or not), there are some things that are not too much of an option.

What Would I Change About Modern Society?

A ton. But let me participate in this prompt as best I can. In my own way.

The Weight of Expectations

Stepping out into this big ole world not really firm in my sense of self, I felt the weight of societal expectations.


I can’t see myself 

stripped identity 

left to find my place in this space 

turn around 

new phase

new stage 

of life 

but wait –

What is now expected of me?

Let me

switch my outward look

paint a pretty picture 

I don’t look like what I’ve been through.

Change me?

Oh no my sexuality is shameful ?

My quirk makes me a jerk my emotions too much?

My transparency too much to label 

me as one of the norm. 

Norm? Nor-mal?

Too driven to be stagnant 

not fitting the expectations to guarantee a space

among the greats?

(This may look fancy but it’s a Dollar Tree plate.)

Oh, but what makes them great? 

Oh, wait…

I’m too opinionated.

Too giving, not selfish enough 

in a world full of stigma lacking reciprocity 

finding authenticity is tough.

Out for self?

It’s a dog eat dog world 

I keep telling y’all that I’m a cat.

But I ought to be a little more selective 

with these boundaries, never mind that.

Society has enough to worry about:

sorrow and struggle 

push and pull 

money motives 



exhausting, this economy 


leadership leading us

in and out of delusion.

Don’t push me!

Limitations of 

the expectations can 

reinforce survival mode in 

unstable environments

heat waves 

clean water craves 

but I long to be positive. I must remain positive.

Compassion worn like fashion

only going as far as is trending

I don’t like trends!

“Take a picture, record me helping you. Post. Send.”

Despite the weight of the expectations of society 

I decided that I don’t want to blend in.

And that’s all I’ve got for this writing prompt. Thanks for reading!!!

This prompt reminds me of another poem that I wrote. Check out “Personality & Identity in Society.” As is always the case with my writing, it’s a tad deep.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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