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63% I should be just fine 

fresh starts are the best there’s still time to shine.

41% it’ll be okay 

I have to prove myself in some kind of way.

21% well it’s not red yet 

pouring out my pennies, never mind the debt.

7% oh no that was fast! 

I better grab my charger my battery won’t last

I told you that I was at my capacity 

but I, Jessica, have depleted me 

internally bleeding like people pleasers do 

at this point how can I be mad at you?

Waiting until my battery is at 2%

to try and vent 

but instead of communicating 

I explode, detonating 

into fragments of my childhood self

maybe deep down I wished that I had never left 

you but I had to seek a better life 

I couldn’t keep coping through a knife 

or a bottle 

my extreme was past the throttle 

of a hissy fit or a short trip to a bar

you know every story behind every scar.

The consequences, again, I must accept 

these old wounds they kept 

you bound and I tried to pull you out 

but my battery is low, can you help a sista out?

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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9 responses to “My Battery is Low. Well I wrote another poem!”

  1. Just great. So relatable, so creative. We need to remember to charge our own energetic batteries before the shutdown point. Love it 🙏💗

    1. Absolutely we ought not wait until we are depleted. Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    1. Thank you for viewing!

  2. This a good stream of consciousness reflecting our modern life. I am a big can of poetry.

    1. Interesting yes I can see that connection and me relating depletion to technology (which are both things that hold power over many of us) wasn’t totally intentional but yes it’s fitting! A stream of consciousness…! Thanks for your comments today! I really appreciate and value interacting in this blogging world!

      1. No problem, I appreciate the interaction as well!

    1. Thank you!! I had fun with this one.

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