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I stood up for me. And I shall maintain my peace and sanity.

Yes I stood up to you, and I am standing up to them all.

I was serious when I said that I am intentional.

Don’t feed me patronizing breadcrumbs,

my taste has changed and 

I’m on a special diet.

Let me be I am free

and I have found my voice

how dare anyone expect me to be quiet?

It took a series of events

for me to enter a spiritual awakening.

To be honest, I didn’t expect it.

I was trying to leave this earth

because I felt as though I had no worth.

But now I see things differently. 

I stood up to you

and you

and all you’s that I have allowed

to impact my peace and sanity.

I stood up to you because I am standing up to them all,

and I am nobody’s victim.

Don’t ask of me to wait around

as I detox years of toxicity out of my system.

I played a major role in my chaos.

No more begging for pity

I turn down that superficial camaraderie.

You seek to be a part of me 

so long as I am parched, you see

reality is that you have never truly known me.

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Photo by Dan Cristian Pădureț on Pexels.com

You would think that someone who once walked around in a boisterous manner would have no problems standing up for themselves, but this isn’t always the case. I can honestly say that for years I placed the needs of others before my own, and I did this so much that I lost myself. Only being able to validate your worth through the perceptions of others is a miserable existence.

Standing up for myself to maintain my peace and sanity.

This looks like many things, and it can display oddly to anyone who doesn’t benefit from my healthy boundaries. Or after spending time lost in reflections of how my plans with friends or family members didn’t quite go as expected. I wrote a poem about it recently, “Insanity Get Away From Me!”

You can read that poem in a new tab here: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/07/13/insanity-get-away-from-me/

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4 responses to “I Stood Up to You. And You.”

  1. ~just a thought Avatar
    ~just a thought

    Great poetry/writing. There are people I look forward to seeing again one day, as coming to face again could be duly cathartic. You seem to have captured the cathartic nature of simply knowing oneself . . . where one stands.

    1. Thank you, it’s been a process and it’s taken a lot of repetitive situations for me to learn how to find my voice and start standing up for my well-being.

      1. ~just a thought Avatar
        ~just a thought

        I can imagine by your inspirational words that you are well on, and cheers to that!

      2. I receive that wholeheartedly. Thank you. ✨

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