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Daily Writing Prompt

Daily writing prompt
Are you seeking security or adventure?

They say that discernment and balance are key,

and seeking adventure for me became quite risky.

Flirting with possibilities of failure and gambling with things,

letting my nomad tendencies and impulsive ways guide me.

I want this and I want that and oftentimes I don’t know what I want at all.

Whimsically walking through life rolling the dice and letting them fall

as they may.

As a mother I know that “going with the flow” is not the best motto,

passing down such carefree ways won’t cut it, I oughta

teach my kids how to plan effectively.

I will lead by example and show rather than tell

that a life of balance is a necessity

and that in all things it’s okay to seek adventure, a little thrill, and maintain security.

This writing prompt highlights a little growth in my perspective and makes me proud of many lifestyle changes that I have made. I am currently embracing financial literacy as well as “staying still” rather than continuing to move from city to city or state to state. Kids need stability and so do many adults. Nothing wrong with fun and adventure, but I see how my overcompensating for quite a few things can send the wrong message to my kiddos! Thanks for reading! Do comment, let’s interact! Don’t be shy but let’s all be kind.

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