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Daily writing prompt
What are you most excited about for the future?

Thinking about the future and reflecting on my past makes me feel excited because I have been consistently growing. I’ll be honest, there aren’t many things that I have done for years at a time other than being a mother. After my enlistment in the military, I maintained a couple of jobs for no more than 1 year. I jumped in and out of mental wellness. I continued to pick up my bags of unhealed troubles so that I could drag them along with me to my next phase of life.

After each temporary job title, each failed relationship, and even after the blessing of more children (I have 3), I was happy on most days, but even as I respond to this prompt I can see a major difference in my mindset.

I’m excited to thrive,

live not just survive.

Long term I will thrive.

I will thrive.

I am ready for a simple, peaceful life,

realizing that simple and stable doesn’t mean boring.

Now my bag is full of these tools that I can use,

I’m no longer using up my therapy time on

“Jessica’s crisis of the week.”

I am excited to stay healthy,

I am happy to be alive.

And yes, there were times when I couldn’t

firmly say those things.

I am excited to keep growing

and learning myself.

I am excited to show my children

what it means to get back up

and do this life thing right.

Cliche statement, but the future looks bright.

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Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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2 responses to “Thriving – Daily Writing Prompt”

  1. Yes Queen! ❤️ The moment we get rid of the concept that we are constantly working towards a finish line. A destination. And we begin to celebrate along the way. Each and every victory. Big and small. That’s the moment you begin to live with purpose. And you are showing your kids so much strength and resilience that will stick with them in years to come. They will remember. Just like how you remember where your mindset was had this been asked of you in the past. We remember what we want to and the rest gets tucked away subconsciously in our minds stored for another time and place to creep in and act as a reminder. I love answering these prompts for the exact same reason. It’s liberating when you can stop and notice the growth within yourself. ✨️ You have hit the nail right on the head when you said you are thriving rather than surviving. This. This is so crucial. The most crucial part about it is when you come to terms with it. When you can see the lifestyle you have accepted and chose to live. Not realizing your not living at all. If this is living, then I’d rather anywhere else but here. But not you warrior queen, you are too busy setting those reminders for yourself so you can continue working towards a brighter future for you and your kiddies ❤️

  2. ***I am reposting this comment as I don’t think my first comment posted:
    I was intending to say thank you for your comment! It reads with swift reminders of the need for mindfulness. It is very liberating to notice, and acknowledge my own growth, and I can firmly say that my children are absorbing helpful gems that will aid them along their journeys.The desire to reiterate thriving rather than surviving began with a change in my mindset because I learned that even when we think we are living our best lives we may still operate out of survival mode tactics. As I continue to grow within myself, I aim to enjoy the rest of this journey and I’ll keep arming my kids with the tools I need to make it out here. I appreciate and value your reflective response.

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