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Making up for the time I was lost in my mind,
Tell my people I’m fine.

Positive vibes, serotonin.

Emotionally driven, 

but more mindful

I’m glowing.

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It took me a long time to get here,

making decisions from a place that is clear.

I want to tell my people not to cling

to that adrenaline and cortisol,

stop all the stressin’

because really, what does that solve?


won’t define me.

Suppressed feelings,

emotional reactions,

Fuck ptsd.

Intrusive intruders, those unpredictable thoughts. 

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I’m focused on longevity.

Tell my people I’m here,

just a little differently.

Making up for the time I was lost in my mind.

Tell my people I’m fine.

Read my poem “High Tides of Clarity”

Read in new tab: https://jusjesspoetry.org/2023/07/08/high-tides-clarity/
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