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So what am I waiting for? 

That cool laid back friend from 7th grade I used to smoke out of bongs with – (and we also stole my mom’s car and fled the state) she was doing it for fun. I was doing it to escape. She’s now an MD. Those kids I wrestled with in grandma’s basement, they’re making staples in history.

Those deep conversations with my late cousin that I now see were a little selfish. She was so selfless. And there for everyone she loved. She’s gone now. 

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Shoulda coulda woulda 

I told her so much that no one else knew, and even as she tried to remain a rock and maintain her health, she listened. She heard me. But she’s gone now.

Shoulda coulda woulda won’t cut it on my deathbed.

I should I could I would –

Well how about –

I do it 


Nothing lasts forever,

Not opportunities,

Not these bodies,

This flesh that will one day 

Mesh with the earth.

Not even my being here for my children.

Not even I will last forever.

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But I always wanted everyone to stay.

I’ve encountered some cool ass people throughout my lifetime, but not even they can stay nor have they stayed. They’ve moved on from memories that still float around in my head.

Nothing lasts forever,

amazing memories on the shelf.

Over 30,000 pictures saved – buy more iCloud storage.

I’ve got to flourish in the time that I have left.

Nothing lasts forever.

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