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Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

Alright, where’s the fun part? The “easy” button?

Although I personally have no regrets about embarking on a soul searching phase to improve my life and my overall wellbeing, I see why many people choose not to heal. Maybe they reach a point in which they see no purpose in doing so. Being trauma bound and stuck in victim mentality can be tricky to escape from, but it is more difficult to consistently step out of it. Definitely more difficult.

Personal Reflection:

Starting a healing journey will not lead to the arrest of your childhood abusers. Don’t expect any toxic people in your life to magically see a light because you are choosing better. It does not guarantee any apologies. It does not make anyone look back and go, “Hmm. That’s why he or she is that way.”

You mean there ain’t no award for this sh*t?

Thank God for Growth

I remember when this was my thought process: “Unless you’re a notable member of society with high status and a wonderful reputation or a ton of money, many people of society don’t care what happened to you.”

Fun Fact: I have made a ton of statements out of anger.

Many people do care, but it’s quite often not the people you’d like to care most. And there are times when those we want to care actually do care, but they may feel powerless as to how to address such taboo topics. They also may be simply trying to keep themselves balanced and may not have the capacity. Truth is, this is an intense, but individual journey.

I have been in therapy for over 10 years. While I often long to shout things from mountaintops in hopes that my recurring nightmares dissipate, I would much rather be driven by the dreams that I enjoy. The dreams that are leading me to my destiny. My soul’s purpose. Besides, I have a fear of heights.

Do you know how different things become when you have taken therapy seriously? A fresh perspective. A new lens!


Some secrets pass away with us. And while I was so close to something by sharing my own secrets, I now realize that I don’t have to do it in unhealthy ways. I first needed to forgive myself for my own role in my suffering. And let go.

I got to this point of acceptance: that even though my feelings are valid, it holds no true value to my growth to make a long list of “who done what when and why,” nor is it acceptable to use that list as an excuse for all the wrong that I have done to others and myself.

I no longer stand in the way of my success. And I shall continue to write my way into my destiny of a future that I have dreamed of my entire life.

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