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I’m detaching from emotionally reacting as much as a neurodivergent one can do.

I’m detaching because I accept me for me and now I see you for you.

I’m detaching because it’s not worth the spiral when I see that I do not fit in.

I’m detaching because I love myself just as I am, today, in this skin.

I’m detaching from normalcy and fully embracing my quirk and eccentricity.

I’m detaching from reacting in ways that support any closed minded theory.

I’m detaching from explaining my flaws interpersonally.

I’m detaching from wanting to be noticed through lenses in which clearly I’m invisible.

I’m detaching from becoming enraged when ignored during moments that are actually critical.

I’m detaching, and if you need to reach me you already know where I’ll be. I’m constantly improving this thing here, this Jusjess Poetry.

I’m detaching from over sharing goals to receive eye rolls when this writing thing actually means the world to me.

Jusjess Poetry – Writing My Way Into My Destiny

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